John Schwendel

Who Is John Schwendel?

John Schwendel’s study of income inequality in the U.S. provided new insights into how inequality had continued to rise during that time, by looking at data spanning seven decades. By analyzing earnings within the middle 50 percent of earners, he examined data that spans 70 years and provided an unprecedented perspective.

He also devised a method for segmenting income earners into smaller groups than had been done previously, which enabled him to better comprehend the rise in inequality during the 1950s.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

His career with the Cardinals organization has taken him from major league wins to minor league successes, serving on various teams at every level from Major League to AAA. As a pinch hitter for two playoff teams as a pinch hitter, one of his more memorable experiences was his short tenure with the old ball club in 2006. Since then he’s returned to work out for his alma mater again and helped pave the way for others at High-A Central.

Achievements and Honors

John Schwendel is an esteemed academic who has had a major influence in the field of economics. His expertise lies in historical income inequality and its consequences for heavy-tailed distributions, as well as health policy and retirement decisions.

He has received multiple awards and honors from different organizations, including the Corning Glass Award. He was also recognized for his contributions to medicine as well as pro bono work. His visionary leadership skills and calculated risk-taking have been commended. Furthermore, he is a staunch supporter of senior lawyers and their advocacy in legal affairs, serving on the ABA Commission on Law & Aging.

Personal Life

John Schwindel lived a long and prosperous life. As an accomplished businessman, he took pride in having been born into a family of wealth and prominence. Through his hard work, John was able to provide for his family, gain an excellent education, and travel around the globe with ease.

As he grew older, he pursued economics and earned his doctorate. His work focused on historical income inequality, methods for fitting distributions to data, and the effects of heavy-tailed distributions in health policy issues. His work has been published in prestigious journals. Additionally, he taught economics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee while being a proud father to two children. To learn more about his life story, you can explore pages dedicated to both his personal and professional career below.

Net Worth

John Schwendel has an estimated net worth of $73.5 million. He is an American businessman and entrepreneur who has amassed his fortune through investments in Microsoft stock. According to his Form 4 filed with the SEC, he has made over 160 trades since 2003 and holds 23,194 units of MSFT stock. At present, John serves as Independent Non-Executive Chairman of the board at Microsoft and earns $552,500 per year as salary. Furthermore, he owns a motorcycle shop in New York City.

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