John Scorzelli

John Scorzelli, 46, of Riverhead, died Saturday in an automobile accident

John Scorzelli, 46 of Riverhead, tragically passed away Saturday morning due to an auto accident. He was a physician assistant employed at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital in Patchogue.

He was a dedicated husband and father who sacrificed for his family. According to Maria (nee Montalbano), he was an “incredibly caring individual” who dedicated much of his time creating a home for them.

Early Life and Education

John scorzelli was born on March 17, 1966 in Massapequa. As a physician assistant, he worked at Brookhaven Hospital and Winthrop-University Hospital before tragically passing away September 29 due to injuries sustained in a car accident.

As a loving husband and father, he was active in sports and enjoyed being near the sea. With his wife Maria, they moved to Riverhead eight years ago from Huntington where they settled into Reeves Park community where they raised their two sons Odin and Honor.

His abstract oil paintings on canvas employ the power of chromatic relationships to create “unique, self-contained color worlds.” Scorzelli’s works have been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout America; he also organizes open studio tours to bring together local artists. Additionally, his pieces are part of private and corporate collections across America.

Professional Career

Scorzelli, a medical genius who had been married for 13 years, had the distinct honor of working at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital’s top echelons. According to Christopher Banks – vice president of development and external relations at Suffolk County medical center – “his colleagues described him as a congenial and extremely professional man.”

He had a quirky sense of humor and an eye for the dramatic when it came to his wife and two sons. Eight years ago he left Huntington and made Reeves Park in Riverhead his home. A devoted family man and philanthropist, he helped others along the way; proudest of his three children and daughter-in-law; they survive him along with wife Judith Scorzelli, their two sons Odin (9) and Honor (8), plus their dog Maxine.

Achievements and Honors

John Scorzelli was an exemplary physician’s assistant who worked at Brookhaven Hospital and Winthrop-University Hospital. He had a gift for art, as well as being knowledgeable in home improvement projects.

He even made the list of 25 most influential art collectors in Rockland County, according to a survey by the Haverstraw Elks Lodge. Survived by his wife Maria and children Odin and Honor, Thomas McBergmann Memorial award recipient for best ad campaign of its kind in Rockland County was given to him; according to the Haverstraw Elks “the campaign was an enormous success and had an immense impact on the local community.” A memorial service will be held at St. Anne’s Church on May 19th for those affected by tragedy.

Personal Life

Maria Scorzelli remembered him as a loving husband and father. Additionally, he was an accomplished physician’s assistant at Brookhaven Hospital and Winthrop-University Hospital.

He and his wife of 13 years had two children: Odin (9) and Honor (8 years old next week). Eight years ago they relocated from Huntington to Riverhead and settled into Reeves Beach community near their beloved beach.

He loved being on the beach, fishing, surfing and hockey – as well as teaching his sons lacrosse. Montalbano noted that their dad always eager to share his interests with them. She went on to say that while his kids will remember him fondly for a lifetime, Montalbano will miss him too.

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