John Seagraves

John Seagraves is a Certified Financial Planner

John Seagraves, then 18 years old and serving on board Battleship USS North Carolina, made history with an act of heroism that was unheard-of at the time. He and his gun crew bravely defended their ship from an attack that caught everyone else off guard.

Recently, Forest Park community recognized him with a proclamation. His son David Seagraves wrote an autobiography entitled ‘Uncommon Hero: The John Seagraves Story’ to commemorate his father’s life and core values.

Early Life and Education

John Seagraves’ early life and education were both challenging, yet full of potential. Through courage, he overcame lack of educational attainment as well as social barriers – opening doors to opportunities which would shape his character throughout his lifetime.

His ambition and drive to succeed led him to serve on a highly decorated U.S. Navy battleship during WWII, start a family, and achieve financial security for himself and his loved ones. Even now in his mid-80s he continues his global travels as an avid globetrotter.

He had a passion for woodworking, which led him to take shop classes and learn how to use power tools during high school. Eventually he joined his family business as partner and held a real estate license; furthermore he was an active member in his local Masonic Lodge.

Professional Career

John Seagraves has been a certified financial planner for 19 years, currently employed at Lpl Financial LLC. He holds Series 63 and 65 licenses and serves clients throughout Illinois, California and beyond.

He holds the titles of Certified Financial Planning(tm) professional and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC(r)). When not at work, he enjoys writing fiction books about his family life and career experiences.

Achievements and Honors

John Seagraves, a WWII Navy crew member, is credited with aiding in the downing of a Japanese kamikaze bomber. His bravery and perseverance have inspired countless people throughout history – before, during, and after the war.

Seagrave, a retired Anson Marston Distinguished Professor Emeritus from Iowa State University’s chemical engineering faculty, was one of the most beloved professors in his department. He encouraged students to explore interests outside chemical engineering and served as chairman of their honors program for over two decades.

Mary Jane Hagenson (BSEE ’72/MSNucE ’73/ PhDNucE ’78) and her husband Randy established the Richard C. Seagrave Professorship in Chemical and Biological Engineering to honor his legacy and lasting influence on students.

Personal Life

John Seagraves defied racial segregation to join the Navy. After working as a breakfast cook, he was granted permission to try out as a gunner.

During World War II, he served aboard the USS North Carolina, one of the most decorated ships in U.S. Navy history.

On April 14th, 1945, his all-black crew made naval history by spotting and shooting down a Japanese kamikaze plane that had slipped past spotters protecting the battleship.

In honor of Black History Month, the USS North Carolina is honoring John Seagraves for his courage. A Facebook post from the ship noted that Seagraves and his gun crew are credited with shooting down a Japanese kamikaze aircraft just 30 feet from its battleship.

Net Worth

John Seagraves has been a certified financial planner for 19 years, currently working at Lpl Financial LLC in Oak Brook, Illinois. His Series 63 license allows him to offer investment advice and act as a securities agent; additionally, his Series 65 allows him to act as an investment advisor representative. Throughout his career, Seagraves has assisted people save for retirement and protect their assets.

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