John Shocklee

John Shocklee is a Telemark Skier and Mountain Guide

A telemark skier and mountain guide, John Shocklee is 51 years old. He lives in an alley shack, wears Teva sandals that are on their last legs and makes little money.

But he refuses to grow up and his refusal to accept a life that society would label a real job has kept him young. Watch the short film above to discover his fountain of youth: mountains, snow and ’90s hip hop.

Early Life and Education

In his early life, john shocklee was very passionate about skiing. He lived a simple, free-spirited life, spending most of his time on the slopes.

His love of skiing helped him in his professional career. He has worked as a ski guide in Silverton, Colorado and a captain on a wooden dory in the Grand Canyon.

He devoted much of his spare time to serving the people around him. He helped establish a food pantry at St. Liborius on the North side of St. Louis and was involved with the archdiocese’s Human Rights Commission.

He also volunteered to help with the MMCR housing program. He walked through Pruitt-Igoe regularly and cooled down the people there when they were upset. He believed in the protests and he encouraged other Catholic clergy, nuns and laymen to support them.

Professional Career

As a producer, songwriter and DJ, john shocklee has worn many hats throughout his career. His work has been recognized by major music publications and critics around the world.

He was an early pioneer of sampling as the leader of Public Enemy’s BOMB SQUAD, introducing new techniques such as filtering and multiband micro loop sampling which changed the way music producers used samplers in production. He also introduced the use of sine waves in music making and truncating or mapping samples on keyboards and drum machines.

As a producer, he has worked with artists such as Mary J. Blige, Anthony Hamilton, Ice Cube and LL Cool J amongst others. His work has been featured in major films such as American Gangster, Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing and Ernest Dickerson’s Juice.

Achievements and Honors

As one of the founding members of Public Enemy, Shocklee has had many achievements and honors. He has been a role model for many people worldwide, pushing the envelope and breaking new artistic boundaries.

He has also served as a mediator and advocate for labor rights. He has worked with unions and corporate executives to improve working conditions for all workers.

He has also led many community-based projects to help low-income families in his area. He was especially active in helping low-income residents buy homes, as well as assisting them to gain employment skills.

Personal Life

John Shocklee is an old school ski guide who’s been doing it for over 20 years. In fact, he’s the oldest ski guide at Silverton Mountain.

He’s also a river guide on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. His secret to staying young is doing what he loves.

Yeti Coolers has made over 40 movies with the tag line “Life Outside.” They’ve crafted stories about lives spent in the mountains and rivers with big coolers, little coolers, aluminum beer coozies and even video storytelling.

Net Worth

John Shocklee is a legendary ski guide from Silverton, Colorado. At 52 years old, he seems like a teen on the slopes.

He’s got a big frozen beard, and he wears wraparound sunglasses that hide his wide, blue kindergarten eyes. He lives in a tiny, simple place and doesn’t care about money. He just lives, skis and rafts.

But he’s been successful at it. Shocklee has spent his winters guiding at America’s rowdiest ski mountain, in Silverton, Colorado, and his summers rowing dories down the ultimate river, The Grand Canyon.

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