John Smitherman

John Smitherman

John Smitherman, a crusading and fiery journalist who founded the Tulsa Star, was a prominent voice for Black empowerment. He vehemently denounced lynchings and corruption.

On the night of May 30, 1921, he led a group of armed Black men to the courthouse in Greenwood to ensure that Dick Rowland would not be turned over to the white mob. That action sparked 16 hours of violence and destruction that left hundreds injured and thousands homeless.

Early Life and Education

The experiences children have during their early childhood years play a huge part in their brain development. Exposure to positive factors and supportive environments, such as a healthy home environment, can help set them on a strong course for a lifetime of learning and growth.

In contrast, negative factors can cause lasting harm to a child’s future learning capacity and behaviors. This is why it is so important to understand the importance of early childhood education and how it can shape a child’s life and overall well-being.

UNESCO believes that investing in high-quality early childhood care and education is essential to ensure a well-rounded foundation for holistic development, gender equality, and social cohesion. It’s an investment that can pay huge dividends throughout a child’s lifetime.

Professional Career

In his professional career, john smitherman has worked on several different aspects of the entertainment industry. He has performed on the stage of professional theatre, starred in Broadway productions, and wowed audiences across the globe as a concert artist.

He has been a part of over 100 different roles on the professional theatre stage, including the Big Three: Jekyll & Hyde, The Phantom, and Jean Valjean in Les Miserables.

As a tenor, he has performed to standing ovations around the world. He has specialized in performing the great standards that are made famous by such artists as Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban and Mario Lanza.

Achievements and Honors

John Smitherman has accomplished many things in his life. He has served as an officer in the army and has been involved in several political campaigns.

He has also played a role in several shows. He has received awards for his performance in a number of roles.

When he was 18 years old, he served in the Navy and was stationed on the Bikini atoll in 1946 during the test of two 20-kiloton atomic bombs. He was exposed to radiation during this period and he has been diagnosed with cancer of the lymphatic system.

The United States government and the Veterans Administration have refused to honor John Smitherman’s claim of radiation damage, rejecting six claims since 1977. Despite the fact that the V.A has said that the atomic bombs were detonated in sufficient proximity to Smitherman, he is not receiving disability pay.

Personal Life

John Smitherman has been an active member of his community. He was active in the arts, a member of several local committees and a church leader.

He enjoyed working with children. He taught 9-year-old Juwan and Woodham, who both recall Smitherman as being very sweet.

The boys said he was one of the few teachers who took the time to read to them. They also remember him giving them bricks and pavers to build a schoolhouse in the courtyard.

He wrote a half-dozen plays, many of which have been produced across the country. He has won awards for his work.

Net Worth

John smitherman has an estimated net worth of $125-149K. He owns a single family home at 1011 N Greer Ave in Covina, CA 91724.

He has an estimated income of $75-99K per year. He lives in a Residential property.

During his tenure on Cincinnati City Council, Smitherman has served as the Chair of the Law and Public Safety Committee. This gives him jurisdiction over all issues related to Police; Fire; Safety Policies; Citizen Complaint Authority; Liquor Licenses; and Public Services.

He is also a member of the Budget and Finance Committee, Economic Growth and Zoning Committee, and Neighborhoods Committee. He has been a member of the Cincinnati City Council since 2013. He is an Independent politician. He ran on a platform of balancing the budget, delivering basic services, and fixing the city’s pension crisis.

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