John Stokovich

John Stokovich

John Stokovich was a skilled nursing facility owner and operator. He was associated with 1 nursing home in Illinois.

Dmitriy Dmitriyevich Shostakovich (25 September [O.S. 12 September] 1906 – 9 August 1975) was a Russian composer and pianist. He is considered to be a major composer in the Soviet Union.

Early Life and Education

John Stokovich was born in Saint Louis, Missouri. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in business management from Iona College. He currently works as a regional executive for STO Building Group, overseeing offices in northern New Jersey and Philadelphia. He also serves on several corporate task forces that are vital to the company’s strategic development. He has worked at STO Building Group since 1988. During his career, he has completed projects in many countries around the world.

Achievements and Honors

John stokovich received a lot of awards throughout his career. He was a member of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR (from 1947) and the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (from 1962).

His most famous works include 15 symphonies, two concerti for piano and violin, a set of 24 preludes and fugues, a number of song cycles, and a large amount of music for theatre and film. His style of composition was characterized by sharp contrasts, elements of the grotesque, and ambivalent tonality.

Despite being a successful composer, Shostakovich had a complex relationship with the Soviet government. His 1934 opera Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk was denounced under the Zhdanov Doctrine, and his professional career was negatively affected. He was eventually reinstated as a composer and served as Chairman of the RSFSR Union of Composers.

Personal Life

For over 70 years, the Stokovich family has specialized in care of senior citizens. Their Libertyville Manor Caring Community offers independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care. They are also known for their Young at Heart Preschool, which provides daycare services for children from six months to five years of age.

In the courtroom, defendant John Stokovich testified that the best way to keep his aging property in tip top shape was to visit it at least once a week. He did so to make sure there was no damage or rust to the building’s interior and exterior. He also took note of any changes made to the building’s security features. For example, he put in new locks on doors and windows and boarded up some of the windows to discourage break-ins.

Net Worth

The Stokovich family has owned and operated Libertyville Manor Caring Community in Libertyville, Illinois, for more than 70 years. It provides 174 residents with independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care and rehabilitation. The property was purchased in 1949 by the family and was a three-story building with a basement. After the sale, Dorothy Stokovich gave her son, Nick Stokovich, authority to make all decisions concerning the property. During the trial, Nick Stokovich testified that he received the letter from plaintiff’s attorney on January 7, 1998, ordering that the property be demolished. He also testified that he visited the property at least once a week and that he did not know anyone had ever broken into the building.

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