John Svenson

John Svenson

John Svenson is an esteemed Southern California sculptor whose work has been featured in many prestigious public art commissions. His delicate stylization conveys a vibrant life force.

His artworks are inspired by his world travels and friendship with Tlingit Indians in Alaska. He’s renowned for his “Remote Memory” beads, in which he encases small rocks from the 7 highest summits around the globe.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

John Swenson is an artist who works across various mediums. His sculptures in wood, bronze, stone and other materials often have historical themes to them.

Svenson’s sculptures can be found in museums and galleries throughout the United States, earning him awards from esteemed art organizations such as the National Sculpture Society.

Stieglitz and Svenson share similar struggles with photography, as both are trying to persuade people that it is an artistic medium. Stieglitz in particular is renowned for taking photographs at night – something which was not easy for most photographers at that time.

Achievements and Honors

John Swenson was an accomplished sculpture and medallic artist, trained under Albert Stewart and Paul Manship. His works have been exhibited internationally.

Svenson was an award-winning sculptor whose works can be found in private and public collections around the world. Additionally, he is a proud member of the National Sculpture Society.

He was honored with the APSA Distinguished Teaching Award for his accomplishments in undergraduate and graduate teaching of political science at two- and four-year institutions.

Svenson completed a variety of commissions, such as sculptures for Home Savings and Loan banks in California and public art pieces throughout the state. He also created many ecclesiastical pieces like carvings at Claremont Colleges and churches in Pomona and Montclair.

Personal Life

John Svenson was an accomplished author who penned 75 children’s books. Additionally, he created and edited numerous other works.

He served in World War II and returned determined to pursue an artistic path. Nelson noted, “Svenson’s sculpture demonstrates his deep respect for nature as well as an understanding of wood’s ability to convey fluidity and elegance.”

His works have been displayed across the country. He was a member of both the American Decorative Art Society and National Sculpture Society, for which he earned the Gold Medal. His artwork can be found in numerous public and private collections across America.

Net Worth

John Svenson was a renowned Boston developer who passed away at age 58 due to cancer. Additionally, he co-owned the Boston Celtics basketball team.

In 1982, Svenson and his brothers-in-law Robert and David Epstein founded The Abbey Group. They have several projects underway throughout Boston, such as Lafayette Corporate Center in Downtown Crossing and an 18-story office building proposed near Fenway Park.

Svenson has made a name for himself as an accomplished real estate developer while contributing to charitable causes such as Horizons for Homeless Children and Black & White Boston. He served on the board of directors of both organizations and continues to give back locally to many other local institutions.

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