John Symington

John Symington

John Symington is Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel for Franks International N.V. He is also a Founder of Compliance & Risk Resources (Pty) Ltd.

He is estimated to have a net worth of at least $811 Thousand as of June 25, 2021. As owner of 8,166 units of Franks International N.V stock, and having made five trades since 2020 on this stock, his net worth has grown substantially.

Early Life and Education

Symington was raised in Baltimore, Maryland and attended Gilman School and then Harvard University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Dutch art history.

As a student, he became fascinated with the works of economist, social theorist and political philosopher Friedrich Hayek. His studies led him to advocate for limited government and free markets.

He served as the first Secretary of the Air Force, an influential position which helped him bolster public support for the United States Air Force. Furthermore, he was an outspoken champion for women’s and minorities’ rights.

On August 11th 2022, Symington passed away at 87 years of age. Survived by his wife Susan and predeceased by his parents Alma and Jack Symington, he is also survived by his daughter Ashley.

Professional Career

From 1990 to 1997, Symington served as the 19th Governor of Arizona. During his tenure in office, he spearheaded initiatives for education reform and established the state’s first charter schools.

He gained notoriety as a businessman and real estate developer, serving as co-founder of the Arizona Culinary Institute and later Symington Company.

He was certified as a compassionate doctor and named a Patients’ Choice honoree based on patient surveys. Additionally, he holds certifications from the American College of Emergency Physicians and American Board of Internal Medicine. Currently practicing at Infectious Diseases Associates PC in Lorton, VA, Dr. He accepts multiple insurance plans and is affiliated with Inova Alexandria Hospital and Inova Loudoun Hospital.

Achievements and Honors

Symington was governor from 2002-2011 and spearheaded initiatives like charter schools in Arizona as well as setting up the state’s water bank authority. He also spearheaded campaigns to reduce juvenile crime rates and toughen up penalties for gang activities.

In 1997, he was found guilty of seven counts of bank and wire fraud after a 17-week jury trial. As punishment, he was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison.

His convictions were overturned on appeal and President Bill Clinton pardoned him in 2001. Upon returning to the U.S., he earned a degree in culinary arts and restaurant management.

Symington dedicated his free time to other interests besides his career. He was an active member of the University of Vila Real community and board member for the Douro Valley Association. In 2013, he was recognized as Douro Personality of the Year and awarded a Grand Officer status in the Portuguese Order of Merit two years later in 2015.

Personal Life

John Symington was an incredible man – husband, father, doctor and friend. His legacy will be deeply felt by all who knew him. Survived by his wife Susan; daughter Ashley with her pets; son Marc with his fiance Liz; their pup Cali; plus brother Larry and sister-in-law Nancy – John Symington will always remain a hero to those close to him.

He enjoyed nature, especially spending time on Cayuga Lake with his Freedom and Sunfish sailboats. Additionally, he looked forward to weekend regattas and cookouts at the Ithaca Yacht Club.

Early in his career, Symington developed an admiration for Friedrich August Hayek’s works on limited government and free markets. As governor, his economic and tax policies aligned with this philosophy.

Governor Symington signed legislation creating the Arizona Water Bank Authority as a separate entity to acquire excess Central Arizona Project water and store it for future use in Arizona. This was an impressive act of Western water diplomacy.

Net Worth

Symington, who was raised in a wealthy family, became an accomplished businessman by developing and managing several real estate projects that generated millions of dollars in development fees for him, his company and himself.

However, his financial problems ultimately led to his bankruptcy in 1995. The government charged him with extortion, wire fraud, filing false financial statements and bankruptcy fraud.

He was found guilty and jailed for four months. Prosecutors used Symington’s own financial records as well as testimony to establish a pattern of deceit, showing that he told different stories to lenders at almost the same time, providing them inaccurate information about his financial standing.

Over a period of more than five years, he prepared and distributed numerous sets of personal financial statements to various lenders based on his own records. Unfortunately, these documents often contained material errors or omissions.

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