John Taxiarchos

John Taxiarchos

John Taxiarchos is an accomplished investor and trader with more than two decades of expertise in the business world.

He has held positions in the online media sector at Tycoon Venture Partners and Gawker Media. His skillset includes Microsoft Office, Bloomberg Terminal, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Social Media Marketing, Capital Markets, SEO Copywriting, Credit Risk Management and Corporate Finance.

Achievements and Honors

John taxiarchos is renowned for his entrepreneurial vision and drive to bring artists to a wider audience. He’s worked with Amy Grant and Michael Buble, among others, as their business manager, producer, and tour manager respectively. Additionally, John serves on the board of Porter’s Call nonprofit which offers mental health counseling services to artists.

John taxiarchos has received numerous honors for his work, including the Tyndall Award from Corning Incorporated – which includes a specially commissioned glass sculpture, scroll and honorarium. Additionally he was named recipient of the National Science Foundation’s John Hopkins University Distinguished Alumni Award as well as being recognized by the American Institute of Physics as an early innovator in optics. Additionally he has been keynote speaker at numerous major events and lectures, in addition to authoring numerous publications on related subjects.

Personal Life

John taxiarchos is an inspiring figure, both on and off the field. His professional accomplishments are well known, and he has been a mainstay at DC United since their inception in Washington D.C. In addition to his professional successes, he also serves as proud father to three daughters and an accomplished philanthropist with an expansive network of friends and colleagues. On top of that, John boasts impressive social media presence through personal Twitter and Instagram accounts where he can engage regularly with his fans; further proof that he takes an interest in current events!

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