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ROCORI School District Names John Thein As Interim Superintendent

When former superintendent Brad Kelvington took an administrative leave of absence in February, board members turned to Roseville’s John Thein for filling the position. Now back home as interim superintendent, John Thein has rejoined ROCORI.

He had served as superintendent of Roseville Schools for 17 years and an interim superintendent in other districts, so his knowledge was invaluable when he took over as interim head at ROCORI.

Early Life and Education

John Thein has extensive experience in the educational sector. He has held various roles such as teacher, assistant superintendent and acting superintendent.

His dedication to education has earned him numerous awards and honors, as well as serving as an art professor.

He is passionate about art and has exhibited his works around the globe. One of his recent exhibitions will be featured at Lied Education Center for the Arts.

He recently accepted an interim superintendent position in two districts, including Rocori. His primary objective is to reassure the community and keep the district on track. Furthermore, his experience in school leadership will prove beneficial for Rocori schools.

Professional Career

John Thein has been an established educator at the University of Iowa College of Education since 2011. Before that, she served as assistant professor of English education at the University of Pittsburgh.

Thein has taken on several new roles, such as associate provost for graduate and professional education and dean of the Graduate College. She is responsible for offering a range of services to graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and other academic professionals at this prestigious institution; one priority is rebranding it into a more user-friendly institution with goals to increase student retention rates, promote collaboration among graduate programs, stimulate interdisciplinary research projects and boost graduate program visibility within Iowa as well as internationally through showcase opportunities within national and international academic communities.

Achievements and Honors

Thein has earned a number of honors, including being recognized by the Minnesota Association of School Administrators (MASA) as an Administrator of Excellence. This honor recognizes his leadership, commitment to students, and involvement in professional and community affairs.

Early this month in Bloomington, Indiana, the MASA ceremony took place and was attended by over 300 guests, including Thein and MU Interim Provost Jim Spain.

Of Thein’s many awards, The Presidential Rank Award of Meritorious Senior Professional was one of them. This honor is presented to individuals who have demonstrated sustained superior accomplishment in managing programs of the U.S. Government as well as noteworthy excellence and efficiency within public service.

Personal Life

John Thein was an enthusiastic chess player and enjoyed fishing, downhill skiing, hiking, reading and traveling. He especially loved spending time outdoors in Canada’s Algonquin Park on wilderness excursions.

As the military took power in Myanmar, Thein organized anti-government demonstrations and fled with his wife. Ultimately, they made their way to Thailand’s border where they joined an insurgent group that helped them flee again.

When Thein arrived in Charlottesville this summer, he was met with immediate support from the Democracy’s Initiative’s Democratic Futures Working Group. Now he is working with faculty in the English Department and making connections to pro-democracy activists around the world. He plans on sharing his insights with UVA students through courses and public talks while using this time to craft a memoir.

Net Worth

John Thein has an estimated net worth of approximately $3 million. As a former Apple executive and Vice President of International from 2015-2017, he had extensive experience. Before that, John worked at Adobe Systems and Academic Systems which were later sold to Lightspan Inc in 2000. John sits on the boards of several for-profit companies as well as a nonprofit organization. John lives with his wife Amanda in Iowa City with their two sons where they enjoy hiking, cooking, reading books, watching sports matches – all while striving for work-life balance. Thein strives for this balance in his professional life by maintaining a work-life balance for himself while enjoying life beyond work-related pursuits.

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