John Ticer

John Ticer

John Ticer is an impressive runner. He recently finished the Western States 100 in 18:03:17.

He recalls how the win had a special significance for him as it was during this race that his father passed away.

Ticer is now employed by the Iowa State Fire Marshals Office, investigating a fire that destroyed Paul Messerschmidt’s home in Harrison County that may have been caused by arson.

Early Life and Education

Ticer was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Alexandria before graduating from George Washington High School. Additionally, she attended Sweet Briar College – an all-women’s school located in Virginia – where she earned a bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.

She married Jack Ticer, a local politician in 1956 and together they founded the Alexandria Commission for the Arts. Additionally, she was involved with numerous PTAs, community projects and charitable organizations.

Her early work on City Council was focused on education, affordable housing and economic development. Additionally, she spearheaded opposition to Jack Kent Cooke’s plans for a stadium in Potomac Yard.

In 1995, she was elected to the Virginia State Senate, unseating moderate Republican Robert Calhoun in a district that included parts of Arlington and Fairfax counties as well as Alexandria. Throughout her four terms in office, she supported Chesapeake Bay cleanup efforts and chaired the Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Committee of the Senate.

Professional Career

Ticer was an accomplished professional who held positions with both the state of Virginia and federal government. Additionally, she made a name for herself as an influential community leader and philanthropist.

She was the first female mayor of Alexandria and a four-term Virginia state senator. Additionally, she was an accomplished runner who competed in marathons, triathlons, as well as other sporting events.

One of the greatest attributes about Ticer’s life was her unfailing enthusiasm for what she accomplished. She was an inspiring advocate for her family, community and country that continued to volunteer even up until her passing, serving on boards or committees of several local organizations in her spare time. Perhaps most notably though, were two books she wrote that remain classic classics today.

Achievements and Honors

Ticer is an experienced executive who has launched multiple successful B2B software solutions. He currently serves as CEO of BioNetrix, a Vienna-based e-business security firm.

Ticer, a native of Alexandria, made his mark in the high tech sector as co-founder and CTO of Previo, an expert provider of B2B data analytics solutions. His accomplishments include launching a product that propelled them to become early leaders in big data analytics, as well as winning several significant contracts from IBM, Hewlett Packard and Legato Systems.

Ticer’s contributions to the community were widely recognized. He earned several awards, including the Loveland Police Department’s most coveted distinction: Citizen Volunteer of the Year.

Personal Life

Ticer had an extraordinary political career, serving four terms as the first female mayor of Alexandria and representing the 30th district in the Virginia Senate. She earned numerous accolades from around the country and tirelessly championed social services, urban renewal projects and the arts.

She was a beloved Virginia lady from old Alexandria, and her passing is an enormous loss for this community that she loved. On August 7th at Inova Alexandria Hospital, her funeral was attended by friends and family as she lay dying peacefully in peace.

Jack Ticer was a man of service to himself and his community. His life reads like an excerpt from Alexandria’s past; those who knew him for many years gathered at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church to remember and celebrate this remarkable individual.

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