John Yanni

John Yanni

John yanni is a celebrated composer and musician renowned for selling millions of albums worldwide, earning 35 gold and platinum awards, as well as captivating audiences at landmark concert events around the world such as at the Acropolis in Athens, India’s Taj Mahal, China’s Forbidden City, and Royal Albert Hall.

His life is an inspiring narrative of his biggest struggles and triumphs – a journey that led him to uncover the secrets of his musical success. A testament to creativity’s unstoppable force, Yanni in Words is an inspiring, honest, heartfelt and open book.

Early Life and Education

Born in Kalamata, Greece, Yanni showed an aptitude for music from an early age. His parents encouraged him to pursue his musical goals at his own pace and in his own way rather than enrolling him in a formal music school.

Yanni attended college in Minnesota, majoring in psychology but never abandoning his passion for music. Even after earning his degree, he continued to practice and hone his piano skills.

His enthusiasm for music inspired him to record a series of instrumental albums, such as If I Could Tell You (2000), Ethnicity(2003) and Mexicanisimo (2010).

Professional Career

John Yanni is an experienced trial lawyer. He believes that every case he takes on is of the utmost importance and spends most of his time getting to know his clients, comprehending their difficulties, and building their cases from a personal perspective.

He maintains offices in California and South Carolina, is a member of the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego – Plaintiff’s Bar, and belongs to the Charleston County Bar Association.

Yanni is an active participant in the veteran community and frequently contributes to pro bono work. He enjoys rescuing dogs and is deeply committed to his Church.

Achievements and Honors

John Yanni has achieved many remarkable successes throughout his career. He has toured around the world and his music can be heard on television, films, and commercials. Furthermore, he was a top fund raising artist for public television as well as being an accomplished author.

Yanni is widely regarded as one of the greatest New Age musicians. His albums have sold millions of copies and earned him numerous accolades and awards.

Yanni has been an incredible inspiration to people of all ages and backgrounds. He has performed and toured in over 70 countries around the world, leaving his music in thousands of lives.

Personal Life

John Yanni is an internationally-recognized New Age musician renowned for his relaxing music that has been enjoyed by millions around the globe.

Yanni was born in Kalamata, Greece and started playing piano at an early age. He also excelled as a swimmer – setting a national record at 14 years old!

After graduating from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, Yanni decided to focus on music full time and pursue it professionally. He played keyboards for Chameleon – an influential rock and roll band in Minneapolis-St Paul.

Yanni began crafting his unique musical style during his tenure in the US, combining piano and electronic keyboards for a distinctive sound. In 1980, he released his first solo album entitled Optimystique to mark this transition.

Net Worth

Greek composer, keyboardist, and music producer john yanni is estimated to have a net worth of $50 million. He earns most of his wealth through performances, album releases, and touring the world.

He has also composed film scores and produced music for television commercials. His music is renowned for its “one world, one people” philosophy.

His musical style is grounded in contemporary new-age spirituality, yet he draws influence from classical music and rock bands such as Led Zeppelin.

Yanni has traveled widely throughout the world, performing at iconic landmarks like India’s Taj Mahal. Additionally, he has visited China and the United Arab Emirates.

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