John Yarger

John Yarger

John Yarger is a general surgeon with expertise in abdominal surgery. He is affiliated with Johnson City Medical Center in Tennessee.

He has been in the industry for more than 11 years. His primary research interests lie in biophysical chemistry, nano-materials and biopolymers. At present, his focus is on disordered or amorphous materials and their applications to biomedical instruments as well as human health care.

Early Life and Education

John Yarger was born on August 12, 1845 in Center County, Pennsylvania to William and Mary Yarger – both natives of the State.

He began his business career in Monroe, Wisconsin where he was employed by Whitney & Treat for three years. However, his entrepreneurial spirit spurred him on to seek new opportunities in California, where he stayed for one year.

He returned to Massena, Iowa in 1886 and quickly established himself as a prominent merchant in the livery, real estate and hardware trades. To this day he remains connected with these lines of business and is considered one of the most successful and enterprising men in this region. Survived by his two sons J. Kent and Steve; daughter Michal Sue Yarger Boos; six grandchildren; eleven great grandchildren; brother Glen Yarger; plus many other relatives and friends throughout this region.

Professional Career

Jon is an esteemed member of the community with an impressive list of accomplishments to his credit. His expertise in financial services spans from wealth advisor to director of investments at Northwestern Mutual – testament to his outstanding credentials. Jon has the unique combination of experience, technology and an intimate understanding of his clients’ goals to deliver the best possible results. Additionally, Jon takes great pleasure in supporting local charities with his support. He is particularly proud of founding the James Cancer Center in honor of his father. With a great sense of humor and an eye for comedy, one client said “He is truly professional with an uncanny ability to listen and understand his client’s needs.” You can count on him to put your worries at ease.”

Achievements and Honors

John Yarger has earned numerous awards and honors for his accomplishments. His research interests lie in Science education, Pedagogy, Mathematics education, Professional development and Teaching Method.

He connects Creativity and Focus in his research on Pedagogy. Furthermore, he integrates Curriculum development and Faculty development with his work in Mathematics education.

His research on Science, technology, society and environment education is multidisciplinary, drawing from topics such as National Science Education Standards. Additionally, he incorporates Social issues and Scientific literacy into this area of inquiry.

He is an esteemed scientist and educator whose work has earned him numerous awards for its impact on science education. He holds membership in both the International Association for the Advancement of Science, an organization dedicated to furthering scientific discovery.

Personal Life

John Yarger was a well-known and esteemed local businessman, known for his ability to draw customers in and the high quality products he provides them with.

He is remembered for being an exemplary husband, father, grandfather and friend. Throughout his life he dedicated himself to God in every way possible.

He passed away peacefully at 73 years of age on December 10, 2021. Survived by his loving wife of 25 years, Ruth; children Michelle (Richard), Chrissy, Sandy (Rick), Don and Tammi (Jimmy); grandchildren Daniel Ellison Jacob Melinda Rusty Ashley Tony Nikey Kevin Bennett plus numerous great grandchildren.

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