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Joi Breanna Henry

Joi Breanna Henry is a multimedia journalist for FOX 5 Atlanta who covers stories with national significance. Her passion lies in storytelling.

She completed the Direct Entry Master of Nursing Practice program as a Generalist Entry Clinical Nurse Leader at Rush University College of Nursing and currently is working towards earning her Doctorate of Nursing Practice as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

Early Life and Education

Joi Breanna Henry MSN, RN, CNL works at Mind Body Co-op in Chicago as an Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse specializing in Adolescent Mental Health services as an advocate for cultural diversity within healthcare services.

Joi began singing professionally when she was only twelve, singing at weddings, family gatherings and church functions. Her inspiration came from hearing rich harmonies without mechanical instrumentation at church services.

Joi first attempted recording music as an independent gospel album, however this project ultimately did not meet with success. Her second release – a cover of “The River” by San Diego composers Brian Darnell and Mark Hattersley would air on CBS’ God Friended Me show in 2018. Currently Joi lives with her husband Isaiah Ham in Bryn Athens Pennsylvania.

Personal Life

Joi Lansing epitomized classic beauty. She made appearances on shows such as I Love Lucy, State Trooper, Maverick and The Jack Benny Program.

Stardom proved just beyond her reach; when she married struggling actor Lance Fuller in 1951, his habit of gambling late into the night and often bringing friends home was an impediment to their happiness together. To pursue bigger names she agreed to test casting couch with Burt Lancaster for his film Elmer Gantry – yet stardom never came her way.

Henry recently celebrated his one-year anniversary with Kayla and has since spent time with friends he made from Married at First Sight Season 11. Additionally, he attended Woody’s baby shower and took part in their games. John Henry is a well-known folktale depicting an insurmountable machine being tackled with one hammer; modern social theory interprets his image as representing black men working hard to advance in an unequal society.

Net Worth

Joseph Lee Henry or Joe Henry is an American singer-songwriter and producer who has released multiple albums as well as produced for other artists, such as his sister Madonna.

Henry boasts a net worth of over $1.03 Million dollars and is known for his work in movies like Venom and Predator 2.

Since 1987, he and Melanie Ciccone have been married. Together they have two children. He currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina in the United States where he stands 5 feet 10 inches and weighs 175 pounds with dark brown hair and black eyes. His personal life remains private; he considers himself Christian with mixed ethnic background as well as possessing a black belt in karate.

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