Josabeth Fribourg

Josabeth Fribourg doesn’t draw in crowds of paparazzi photographers looking for images to use against her, since her Bohemian beauty radiates class and culture. Additionally, she travels widely around the world and gives generously to politicians.

Paul Fribourg is chairman of food trading firm ContiGroup Companies (formerly Continental Grain). Her family empire spans 10 countries worldwide.

Early Life and Education

Josabeth Fribourg, more affectionately known by her friends as Babette, is a Bohemian beauty known for her long gray locks and easy smile. An opulent homemaker, Josabeth also enjoys traveling and collecting art; but when news broke of husband Paul Fribourg’s affair with CNN anchor Paula Zahn it sent shockwaves through her life.

Paul Fribourg is Chairman and CEO of ContiGroup Companies grain trading firm, making him the sixth generation from his family to head it. A graduate of Amherst College and Harvard Business School, Paul currently oversees ContiGroup as Chairman & CEO.

He gained notoriety in 2007 with the exposure of his years-long affair with CNN anchor Paula Zahn; however, his marriage eventually recovered and they reconciled. Since then, he has served on the Board of Dean’s Advisors at Harvard Business School and as trustee for Fribourg family foundation.

Professional Career

He holds both a bachelor’s degree from Amherst College and an advanced management degree from Harvard Business School, serving as chairman, president, and CEO for ContiGroup Companies (formerly Continental Grain) which employs 13,500+ worldwide. He is also on the boards of Loews Corporation, Burger King Holdings Inc and Estee Lauder Companies as directors.

Paula Zahn was infamous for her affair with former CNN news anchor Larry Fribourg from 2007 until 2012. This affair caused considerable marital strife between them; they are currently involved in a contentious divorce proceedings. Additionally, Larry holds ownership in an estate in Greenwich Connecticut that is estimated at $35 Million dollars with an estimated net worth estimated to be $35 Million dollars; she serves on his board at Fribourg Family Foundation as well.

Achievement and Honors

Fribourg holds numerous positions outside her business endeavors; among these include membership on both the Harvard Business School Board of Dean’s Advisors and Brown University Board of Trustee’s. Furthermore, she serves on both Harvard Center for International Studies Advisory Council as well as Shanghai Institute for International Studies’s Advisory Committee.

With her husband, they own both a Manhattan apartment and property in Greenwich, Connecticut, as well as being co-owners of Fribourg Inc. They also serve on the Council of Foreign Relations as members and trustees for Fribourg Family Foundation.

Josabeth Fribourg is an elegant yet classy Bohemian beauty, known for her gray flowing locks and casual attire. Unlike Paula Zahn, the plastic TV newscaster whose alleged affair with an ex-husband’s friend brought their marriage down, Josabeth maintains an easygoing manner that she brings into every conversation she enters into.

Personal Life

Josabeth Fribourg stands in stark contrast to other women in her circle who appear flawless. Instead, she prefers remaining unseen while her husband runs his multimillion-dollar food empire while remaining at home to raise their children.

She’s no coward; instead, she enjoys traveling the world and an affinity for art. Additionally, she’s no slouch when it comes to politics either – contributing money for candidates such as President Bush, Mitt Romney and even Democratic rival John Kerry.

Fribourg serves on the boards of Loews Corporation, Burger King Holdings Inc., Estee Lauder and Syngenta as well as Saint David’s School for Boys in Brooklyn – where last year it acquired an Upper East Side townhouse for $26.5 million which will add 12,000 square feet of classroom space to its property.

Net Worth

Paul Fribourg is an entrepreneur and the Chairman of Continental Grain Company, holding an estimated net worth of $35 Million dollars and being part of the sixth generation to lead his family’s grain trading firm. A graduate of Amherst College with a BA degree, Fribourg completed Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program before going into business for himself.

He currently sits on the Board of Dean’s Advisors at Harvard Business School and as trustee of Fribourg Family Foundation. Additionally, he holds memberships in Council on Foreign Relations and Brown University’s Advisory Council on China.

Over the past 18 years, he has made 71 transactions involving Loews stock. He currently owns 2,250 units of L stock in his home which features eight bedrooms, mahogany-panelled library and multiple outdoor areas.

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