Joyce Bulifant Net Worth

Joyce Bulifant is an esteemed American TV Actress and Game Show Panelist known for her distinctive sunny little girl voice with a distinct Southern drawl. She most notably played Marie Slaughter on ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ while also serving as a regular panelist on Match Game, Chain Reaction and Password Plus television shows.

Early Life and Education

Joyce Bulifant was an American actress known for her sunny “little girl” voice that became a fixture on game shows such as Chain Reaction and Match Game, as well as appearing in several sitcoms including Tom, Dick, Mary Love Thy Neighbor and 90 Bristol Court.

Bulifant first recognized her dyslexia during her 40s and has gone on to write two musical films about it, “Gifts of Greatness” and “Different Heroes, Different Dreams”. Additionally, she supports child abuse prevention nonprofit Childhelp.

She has been married four times, and has two children from each union. Initially she was married to James MacArthur (an actor on Hawaii Five-O) from 1958-1967; during this time they had Charles. Later she married William Asher; this marriage produced John Mallory Asher who went on to become an actor himself.

Professional Career

Joyce Bulifant is a well-known television actress who has established herself in Hollywood with hard work and dedication. Her outstanding performances in various shows have won her much acclaim from audiences everywhere, earning her immense respect.

She began her acting career on Broadway by participating in productions such as Tall Story and The Paisley Convertible.

She married James MacArthur on 2 November 1958 and gave birth to Charles and Mary together. On 19 September 1969 she wed Edward Mallory (an actor known for ‘Days of Our Lives’). However, this union eventually fell apart by 1974.

Achievement and Honors

Joyce Bulifant has been active in acting since the early 1960s and has appeared in over 60 TV shows and movies. Additionally, she is recognized as an accomplished game show panelist, winning several awards and honors throughout her career. Joyce also actively contributes her time and talents towards charitable works: serving as celebrity ambassador as well as vice-president of Childhelp’s National Board.

Sarah De La Garza is well known for her humorous comments to contestants on popular game shows like ‘Chain Reaction’, ‘Match Game’ and ‘Password Plus’. Additionally, she has appeared in television sitcoms such as Tom, Dick and Mary; Mrs Patterson; The Bill Cosby Show; Wagon Train as well as having five marriages and two children of her own.

Personal Life

Joyce Bulifant was born 16 December 1937 in Newport News, Virginia in the United States of America and has been active on television since the early 1960s. Known for her high-pitched Southern accent, Joyce is often featured as a panelist on game shows or featured as part of sitcoms.

She currently lives a happy single life. Over the years she has participated in many successful projects as an actor or TV actress and continues to do so today.

As part of popular shows such as The Facts of Life, Three’s Company and Harper Valley PTA. She has also appeared in movies such as Airplane! Dirty Love and American Playhouse. Additionally, she is mother to John Mallory who she bears as her son.

Net Worth

Joyce Bulifant is an iconic American television actress and game show panelist renowned for her lively, youthful vocals with a Southern drawl. Beginning her career on Broadway before going on to appear in numerous television shows.

Bulifant has appeared on many popular game shows such as Chain Reaction, Match Game, Crosswits, To Tell the Truth and $25,000 Pyramid. She has also made appearances on notable television series such as Mary Tyler Moore Show, Bill Cosby Show, Real McCoys and 90 Bristol Court: Tom, Dick and Mary as a guest star.

Joyce Bulifant reportedly amassed her wealth as of mid-2021 by building up a successful career as both an actress on television and film.

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