Joyce Oliver

Joyce Oliver – A Larger Than Life Figure That Brightened the Lives of Those Around Her

Joyce Oliver leaves two sons, seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren behind. Joyce loved walking her black Labradors around Lamesa as well as vacationing to warm places with family and friends in Lamesa community.

Joyce may appear as an exceptional craftsman who meticulously created timeless works from his life experiences, yet he was both proud and vindictive.

Early Life and Education

Joyce Jordan Oliver passed into eternal rest on Wednesday, May 31 at her home in Lillington, North Carolina. She was a loving wife, mother, aunt, grandmother and great-grandmother – as well as having served Harnett County as deputy sheriff.

She is survived by her husband, 1st Lt. George Oliver of Muscle Shoals, Alabama; sons Michael and Glenn Oliver both from Lillington; daughters Mindy Mellor (Marc Mellor) and Carolyn Oliver Uecker (Wendell Smithies), both residing in Anchorage Alaska as well as five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Joyce was born into a middle-class family. He attended Clongowes Wood College, an Irish Jesuit school renowned for its academic rigor; but due to his father’s alcoholism and other financial struggles, the family disintegrated quickly, leading them into poverty and squalor; this can be seen throughout Joyce’s writings.

Professional Career

Joyce Oliver had an exceptional teaching career. She served on the faculty of Baylor University School of Music as an instructor, and became one of the world’s premier organ recitalists during this era.

Oliver began game development as a child, creating his first text adventure using BASIC on his father’s old PC (with 4 color monochrome screen and no hard disk). Together with long-term friend Gregory Bernard Wee, they imagined Brandor as an ancient mythological land where Dungeons and Dragons adventures could take place.

She was a loving mother, grandmother, sister, aunt and great-grandmother who was very active at First Baptist Church of Freeman in Virginia. She will be greatly missed by both her family and friends and will be deeply mourned in memory by both. Survivors include her son and two sisters as well as many nieces, nephews and relatives.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver first began making games as a youngster on his father’s BASIC computer, eventually creating and distributing his first “official” title – Dark Dungeons II: The Tower of Bargle via floppy disk to friends and family.

She saved up her money, then, as soon as war broke out, went to Tinker Field in Oklahoma City to support our troops fighting on our behalf. Due to her expertise in setting jewels in aircraft instruments she was recruited as an expert operator on Norden Bombsight; high-tech mechanical instrumentation that enabled precision daylight bombing of targets.

Oliver Scholars hosts its annual Gala to showcase its mission of equipping scholars for success at independent schools and top colleges, and recognize the professional accomplishments of leading business executives and college alumni.

Personal Life

Joyce Oliver was an exceptional figure who brought joy and light into the lives of those she encountered. She loved Lamesa community, entertaining family and friends with delicious food while always engaging them in competitive spirit games. Additionally, Joyce was known to perform musical feats off key during family gatherings; often singing slightly off-key!

Oliver established Whiskeybarrel Studios with the intent to become an independent game designer, yet found initial success difficult due to games being blocked from release and the pirate adventure Ships and Scurvy taking longer than planned for release. However, eventually finding his niche with Swords and Sandals.

She will be deeply missed by her husband, two sons, three grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews who knew and loved her.

Net Worth

Joyce joined Carl Summers Financial Services as a CIPD qualified HR Officer in 2017 to support our Financial Advisers. She specialises in processing their cases to meet FCA and Openwork compliance regulations and requirements, while in her free time enjoys walking her two black labradors and traveling abroad for vacation.

She enjoys reading and playing volleyball and tennis – she has also served on several boards of directors in her local community.

Joyce Oliver of Little Rock flips through an unfinished scrapbook dedicated to her late father-in-law’s early promotion career at what is now Robinson Center Auditorium in downtown Little Rock. As she flips through legal contracts from 1940, she finds it amusing: the rental fee at that venue was $200 for each dance.

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