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Juan Soto and Freddie Freeman Have a Tense Relationship

Juan Soto and Freddie Freeman are two of the most popular players in Major League Baseball. Their ties to each other are a source of conflict for some teams. They are also a favorite among their own clubhouse members.

Juan Soto is the top player on the trade market. Those teams that are interested in acquiring him are the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres. The Nationals have offered him a $440 million contract extension, but he has rejected it. This is one of the biggest stories in baseball right now.

Will Smith and Juan Soto have both had a bit of a beef with each other this season. Both players are considered impact players, and they are usually on opposing teams. When they met up Tuesday, it wasn’t as friendly as it has been in the past.

In a tense moment at the Atlanta Braves game on Tuesday, Freddie Freeman came up with a brilliant move. He was able to stop a potentially hostile game of beanball between the two. Instead of allowing Freeman to hit Soto, he put an arm around the Nationals slugger’s shoulder. Eventually, the two players settled their differences.

Earlier this year, Soto was traded to the Dodgers, and he has been on the receiving end of plenty of trade rumors. However, he is unlikely to be dealt away anytime soon. Despite this, fans are dreaming of a future with Soto in Los Angeles.

Regardless of whether or not he’ll end up with the Dodgers, there are plenty of other teams that are interested in Soto. Besides the Dodgers, there are the Padres, the Cardinals, and the St. Louis Cardinals. All of these teams are contenders in the division. There is some speculation that Soto might be a good fit for those teams, but the Dodgers may be more interested in taking on Patrick Corbin’s bad contract.

Interestingly, both players have a history of retaliation. When they were teammates with the Nationals, Juan Soto had a bit of a beef with Will Smith. During their time together, the two exchanged stares on the base paths. On the bases, Soto went too far and didn’t look at the Nationals pitcher warming up.

Last season, Will Smith had a vendetta against Juan Soto. As a result of that, he pitched to him on four occasions. One pitch, which came from an outside fastball, went to Soto’s back. Another was a slider that was thrown at him out of the strike zone. Still, Soto slugged the ball over the right field fence.

Before Freeman settled the issue with a pitch on Tuesday, he was already in the pantheon of all-time Marlins killers. After all, he had played in all 19 games for the team.

Soto and Freddie Freeman are two players that are polar opposites, and they have been a topic of debate among their peers. It’s possible that they might end up on different teams, but they still have a lot of friends in the clubhouse. If they can work it out, they might get more than a deal.

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