Judy Sterns

Judy Sterns boasts an impressive list of accomplishments and a deep sense of responsibility, serving as chairperson of The Judy Fund – a private foundation dedicated to raising awareness for Alzheimers disease and encouraging public participation in its fight.

She enjoys Husker Volleyball and canning, spending time with her two grandsons and attending Ewing Church of Christ.

Early Life and Education

Judy met Earl Roy during high school. Upon graduating they married and started their family together. For two years after that they lived in Dayton before moving to Spokane and Walla Walla where they eventually resided for 52 years before retiring together in 2005.

She was an enthusiastic proponent of communicating scientific findings to the general public, publishing articles in popular press publications and appearing regularly on both local and national television channels to share these discoveries with them. Her ability to simplify complex concepts for general audiences was truly exceptional.

Not only does he serve on the NYU Board of Trustees and Executive and Finance committees, he is also a member of Stern Executive Board, Stern Rory Meyers College of Nursing Dean’s Council, Horatio Alger Association and UT Southwestern President’s Advisory Board – Quexco Inc, an industrial metals provider, being some of his other affiliations.

Professional Career

Judy Sterns was an exceptional attorney at SM&P who brought an invaluable skill set. Her specialty lay in family law with particular expertise in adoption cases such as foreign, contested, same-sex couple agency adoption and stepparent adoptions.

She also brings extensive estate planning experience, and clients appreciate her compassionate yet strategic approach to legal proceedings.

Judy has been an AJWS board member for eight years and participated in six study tours. She has an incredible passion for social justice and global equity that is evident in her work; driven by purposeful drive that has resulted in numerous achievements for clients as well as colleagues alike, Judy will be sorely missed; our organization will forever be stronger because she was part of it! AJWS will forever be thankful that Judy joined our team!

Achievement and Honors

Judy Sterns has long been active in various professional and educational organizations, such as the Obesity Society. Additionally, she has served on many college and university committees and her work has been acknowledged with multiple awards and honors.

She has held various leadership roles during her career, such as Chair of Palm Springs Desert Museum and Palm Springs Historical Society, receiving local and national recognition for her community service work.

She enjoyed learning new skills outside her professional pursuits, taking painting and cooking classes among others. She loved watching Duke basketball games as well as taking her grandson to Husker games; spending time with family was of course paramount – she leaves behind husband Ron Stearns; three children; two grandsons and various nieces and nephews to remember her by.

Personal Life

Judy published two books, provided presentations to groups across the country and made regular appearances on local and national television discussing nutrition, obesity and related food and nutritional topics that resonated with a popular audience. She worked to dispel misconceptions in the media regarding these subjects while advocating for additional research into food safety and health issues.

Stern’s illegal activities wreaked havoc not only with university funds, but with the long-term viability of programs under his control – such as radio station KHSU. He pocketed money, increased expenses accounts and shuffling funds around to cover up his tracks all while bullying faculty and advancing his own career prospects.

Judy found great pleasure in learning something new during retirement, taking an online painting class with over 40 paintings produced during that time period. Additionally, she was an enthusiastic Duke basketball fan as well as enjoying cooking, canning and spending time with family – especially her grandsons.

Net Worth

She boasts an impressive net worth of $10 Million, thanks to career earnings over time and private investments.

Bianca Stern also exhibits her generous nature through her and Howard Stern’s charitable endeavors, founding Bianca’s Furry Friends in Yolo County as a cage-free cat adoption center – proceeds from both books by Beth’s Yoda were used towards funding it.

The Sterns also contributed significantly to the Hallandale Beach Library, featuring 12 free-roaming cat areas. Their portfolio of properties includes five-bedroom Beverly Hills house and an $8.5 million pied-a-terre in New York. Furthermore, they own vacation property in Newport Rhode Island as well as numerous dogs such as Bianca.

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