Kate Dickerson

Catharine Dickerson married Hiram Webb and gave birth to two children; unfortunately she died shortly thereafter in 1857 due to illness in Philadelphia, PA.

Caitlin Dickerson’s groundbreaking investigation unmasked the unjust policies behind U.S. family separation policies. We are thrilled to publish her full article here at The Atlantic; and are also offering our inaugural reader-funded piece!

Early Life and Education

Dickerson was born in Louisville, Kentucky and raised in Monroe, North Carolina. Initially she established a needlepoint business before eventually opening a commercial photography studio there as well as serving as the official yearbook and sports photographer at Wake Forest College in North Carolina. Following graduation from Rutgers University and Tufts Medical School she currently works at UTSW Waynesville as an Assistant Professor and holds an early faculty appointment as an NIH KL2 scholar.

Professional Career

She possesses extensive and in-depth experience advocating before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on behalf of radio and television broadcasters, specifically radio stations. She excels at devising regulatory strategy and providing advice regarding issues such as indecency; sweepstakes contests promotional programs lottery tobacco alcohol political advertising ownership attribution rules ownership equal employment opportunity (EEO); closed captioning children’s programming as well as various transactional matters.

Kate serves as Senior Leader for VCC’s Human Resources Management division, overseeing employee advising and training, labour relations, salary and benefits administration and payroll integration as well as being an advocate for gender equity in the workplace. Kate joined VCC in 2021.

Achievement and Honors

Dickerson has earned numerous accolades throughout her career. She won the PEN/Laura Pels International Foundation for Theater Award and was nominated for PEN/Nabokov Award; shadow/land is part of her Katrina Cycle which explores social justice issues as well as environmental concerns.

Dickerson has both taught English at Saint Thomas More High School and served as commencement speaker for their 2023 graduating class, encouraging graduates to live in the moment and appreciate life. Dickerson gave a benediction during the ceremony as well as giving commencement marshaling duties with faculty appointments (indicated by an *).

Personal Life

Catharine Dickerson was born in New York on April 28, 1832. On May 24, 1861 she married Peyton Randolph Hall from Alabama. Together they had seven children: James H Weller, Alanson Y Weller and four others.

She worked both as a needlepoint artist and writer. She published a book about needlepoint, as well as being featured in multiple exhibitions where collectors purchased her artwork.

Catharine Dickerson died on 29 November 1913 at her death place, New York and is buried there. Since her passing away hundreds of people worldwide have taken DNA tests to discover they are related to Catharine through MyHeritage membership – to discover historical records or family trees related to Kate Dickerson.

Net Worth

Journalist Elizabeth Edwards has not made public her estimated net worth; however, experts estimate she earned between $1 Million – $5 Million during her journalism career.

Dickerson has earned many prestigious journalism awards. Her coverage on a variety of subjects, such as government’s testing of mustard gas on American soldiers, earned her both 2015 Peabody Award and 2016 RTDNA National Edward R. Murrow Award.

Dickerson has also appeared in various television movies and miniseries, notably Hollywood Wives (1985) as a lead role and Sabrina (1995) in which she had a supporting role as Sabrina’s mother-in-law, an alcoholic mother for Helen Hunt’s character in Pay It Forward 2000 as well as being Gwyneth Paltrow’s grandmother-in-law for Duets 2000 drama series.

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