Kendall Adams

Kendall Adams

Charles Kendall Adams (1885 – 1901) was an educator and historian from America who served as second President of Cornell University from 1885-1892 and as President of Wisconsin from 1892-2001.

Under his administration, Cornell University underwent major transformation. Admission requirements and degree standards were tightened up further, courses of study improved significantly and faculty research and publications were fostered further.

Early Life and Education

Kendall Adams was born in Derby, Vermont in 1835 and received only limited formal education during his childhood years; beginning with an apprenticeship to an artist during this period. Attaining numerous honors and scholarships, including both his undergraduate degree from Vermont’s University in 1854 as well as its post-graduate master’s in 1861. He held several prestigious roles throughout his career, such as professor of astronomy at Cornell, assistant vice president at Michigan, and professor of history. At his university, under his watch stood several notable buildings and an outstanding athletic department. Additionally, he was an avid philatelist who proudly served in both World Wars. Unfortunately, however, he did not live to see either its end or commencement.

Professional Career

Kendall Adams has amassed an impressive athletic resume. Originally playing as a safety for Kansas State Wildcats and now working as an assistant coach with Jackson State Tigers.

He is both a talented player and highly intelligent; this combination allows him to make better decisions both on the football pitch and other aspects of life.

Adams is an outstanding leader, always willing to assist in any way he can. A skilled communicator, he ensures effective team communication while striving to build strong relationships among peers and coaches so his team is ready for whatever obstacles may come their way.

Achievement and Honors

Kendall Adams, Senior Account Executive for REQ, assists clients to elevate their brand visibility through strategic communications strategies. Her extensive client experience and skillset allow her to oversee projects related to telecommunications, education, and enterprise technology.

She possesses a passion for communications, strategic social media management and public relations. A native of Washington DC, she enjoys cheering for local sports teams, trying new restaurants, reading and pursuing the future of technology and health care.

Personal Life

Kendall Adams is the proud owner of an extensive collection of antiques and heirlooms. A passionate philanthropist, she has also formed strong ties within her community as well as cultivating strong friendships within it.

Although she keeps a busy schedule, she enjoys taking risks. In her free time she likes watching DC sports teams and sampling local restaurants.

Professionally, she works as a Senior Account Executive at REQ where she develops and executes strategic communications plans that achieve results for clients – particularly social media and public relations campaigns. Her specialty lies within social media management and public relations – some of whom include some of the biggest names in business. Outside work she enjoys reading books and listening to music – although which band her favorite band might be is unknown but singing along can often occur!

Net Worth

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