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Keni Thomas, One of the World’s Most Recognized Speakers

In case you are in the market for a keynote speaker, you may want to check out Keni Thomas, one of the most well known and widely recognized Army Rangers. He is a former elite special operations package member, which included a stint in Mogadishu, Somalia in the summer of 1993. As part of his military training, he was involved in the “Black Hawk Down” – an 18-hour firefight that left 19 American soldiers dead, and 78 wounded.

The event also spawned a series of books, a TV show, and a hit film. Some of the most notable moments of his career include his participation in ITV’s Hit Me Baby One More Time, which won him the title of the “Most Valuable Player” for his performance; supporting Level 42 on their UK tour in 2006; and his involvement with the band Cornbread in the movie Sweet Home Alabama.

While Keni may have departed from the ranks of the US Army, he remains an active and inspiring force. After leaving the service, he moved on to pursue a number of career options. Most recently, he was the lead singer of 80s group Living in a Box. Since 2016, he has also served as the head honcho of the military leadership program at the University of Wyoming.

One of the first things that Keni does is to tell the story about the time he was deployed to Mogadishu in the summer of 1993. There, he engaged in the nitty gritty of the famous Battle of Mogadishu. Along the way, he was able to see the worst of urban combat since World War II. This feat sparked the creation of his most memorable song, and a book about his experiences.

Another interesting aspect of the event was that Keni was joined by a few well-known A-list pop stars. These included Marcus Vere, Anthony Critchlow, and the aforementioned “Black Hawk Down” Army Ranger. His appearance was one of the most prestigious of the event, and it was a major coup for the organizers. Afterwards, a reception followed, and all attendees were treated to free hors d’oeuvres and a copy of his latest book, The Secrets of Success in a Crazy World.

In addition to his country music career, Keni is also an entrepreneur, dancer, and acupuncturist. If you are interested in booking this impressive and highly qualified individual, contact Shawn Hanks at the Premiere Speakers Bureau for more information. All sponsorship packages include a VIP reception with Keni, a free book, and photo opportunities. You won’t be disappointed. It is definitely worth the cost. Just be sure to make your reservation sooner rather than later!

With his extensive background in the military and the music industry, it is no wonder Keni has the reputation that he does. Despite his numerous accolades, he has never forgotten his humble origins. At the end of the day, his music can be heard on country radio stations across the country. Regardless of his success as a musician, it is the people he touches that he cares about the most.

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