Kent Culuko Net Worth

Kent Culuko Net Worth

In terms of a career in the pros, Kent Culuko can take some credit for hitting one of the best three pointers in school history. He also led the James Madison University basketball program to three Colonial Athletic Association titles and a runner up in the state tournament, racking up a gaudy 1,701 points in the process. His time at the helm of the Knights of the Big Apple earned him a spot in the prestigious college hall of fame.

The first-named Culuko was a four-year starter for the Blue Devils and was selected as a member of the all-time leading scorers in the school’s history. In terms of accolades, he was an All-American in the mid-nineties. He went on to play professionally in Finland and Argentina. He even tried out for the Cleveland Cavaliers before retiring after a decade-long career. One of the most interesting aspects of Culuko’s illustrious career was his unrivaled success at playing the role of understudy for the legendary Jimmie Johnson.

Interestingly, Culuko was not the first to score a shotgun deal with Jayson Williams, but the former was the first to testify in the case. Despite the stumbling block, Culuko has been a big help to prosecutors in the case of Christofi’s death and his subsequent arrest. A co-defendant is now in prison for the crime of aiding and abetting, while others are on their way. Several witnesses have volunteered their information. While Culuko will not be sentenced to time served, he may be eligible for the no apologies no jail no fines club, if he isn’t already. It’s still not easy to make it to the top in a game that rewards quickness, ingenuity and resilience.

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