Kimberly Daniels

Kimberly Daniels

Kimberly Daniels is an esteemed reality television star and social media influencer with an expansive following on Instagram where she shares lifestyle photos. Additionally, she endorses multiple brands.

Kim had always been an upstanding citizen until she experienced the violent criminal lifestyle of the 1%, which irreparably altered her. Now she fiercely protects her territory, values information, and serves her family (Mayhem).

Early Life and Education

Kimberly was raised by her biological mother and step-father in rural Florida away from civilization, experiencing trauma and abuse throughout her formative years. This led her mind to fragment and create another personality known as Nyx; this strong, aggressive aspect of Kimberly used as her go-to force during battles.

Kimberly is an assassin tasked with kidnapping Condemned Motorcycle Club treasurer Mattias Nilson so former Chief Inspector Gunther Klean could kill all members on his hitlist. Although she has an affinity for Derek, they spent considerable time together bonding and exploring their surroundings.

At one point she was persuaded to go out into the wilderness with Beer Grills, who proved to be a survival expert who caused her leg to be mauled by a mountain lion and witness Beer’s brutal murder; an event which caused her to faint before awakening at hospital with no memory of their encounter.

Professional Career

As she quickly settled into city life, Kim quickly found herself embroiled in criminal activities and the gang lifestyle. Joining Mayhem Motorcycle club as Secretary, Kim quickly rose through its ranks becoming Secretary and Loyal patch wearer – an expert in many fields with vast knowledge to impart. Devoutly loyal to Mayhem family (Mayhem MC), and driven to further explore criminal activities.

President Fritz Ericson is one of her closest allies and mentors; she confides in him with secrets she wouldn’t share with Derek or Mattias herself. They share dramatic experiences together that create an unusual bond; often hangout together or have deep discussions – and consider him almost a father figure figure when it comes to advice and mentorship.

Achievement and Honors

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Personal Life

Kimberly Daniels had always lived lawfully until she joined the Mayhem 1% motorcycle club and witnessed violent, criminal activities first-hand. Since joining Mayhem 1%, she has become fiercely territorial, inquisitive about all criminal activities and ambitious toward her family’s ambition. (Mayhem).

Kim is fortunate enough to count many close relationships among her peers, but the one with which she shares most time and trust is Fritz Ericson (President of Mayhem). When any questions or problems arise, she turns first to him for answers rather than anyone else; including Derek or Mattias.

Following her own suspicions regarding Arthur Morgan’s fake death, she spoke with Arthur and discovered his desire to leave and that there was no peaceful exit route from the club. These revelations combined with her suspicions led her to question his loyalty towards it and she shot Arthur twice.

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