Kingdra Best Moveset

What Moves Are Best For Kingdra?

If you are wondering what moves are best for Kingdra, you’ve come to the right place. This Pokemon’s moveset is a mix of standard attack moves, unique abilities, and special moves. While the first three are all important, they aren’t the only ones. For the best results, you should pair these moves with other skills.

While Kingdra is a dragon-type Pokemon, it’s also very good against many other types. Fire, water, and steel type moves only cause 2x damage to Kingdra, and its defenses are good enough to help it hold its own. Despite its defensive typing, Kingdra can be very difficult to run, so it’s a good idea to use a defensive Pokemon with it.

Kingdra has two powerful moves, Protect and Scald. Scald can be used to disable physical attackers and can burn an opponent. It can also do decent damage when rain is applied and can make an opponent flinch. Waterfall is another powerful move. It’s a Water-type move that can do decent damage and make an opponent flinch. Swift Swim is also a great move for Kingdra. Swift Swim is a great move for Kingdra if you need to move quickly.

If you want to evolve a Kingdra, you can evolve it from a Seadra. However, this Pokemon is difficult to obtain, so you’ll need to acquire a few hundred Horsea candies to make it evolve into a Kingdra. Once you’ve a Kingdra, it won’t evolve again, so you need to have a decent stash of Dragon Scale to keep track of your Pokemon.

In addition to its powerful attacks, Kingdra has a wide range of special moves. Its ability to swim underwater is particularly effective when used in combination with other moves. A Kingdra’s range of attacks and special moves makes it a good choice for tanking and battling. The Pokedex has a list of Kingdra moves that you can use to help your team.

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