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Knowles Precision Devices embraces diversity and inclusion and strives to foster an environment which supports all employees equally.

Knowles created Kaleidoscope: Educator Voices and Perspectives as a vehicle to share teacher narratives of teaching and learning experiences.

Early Life and Education

Knowles’ academic preparation and dedication to adult education were evident in his early writings, such as Informal Adult Education (1950); The Adult Education Movement in America (1962); and Group Dynamics (1959).

Knowles enjoyed success as part of Destiny’s Child before branching off on her solo career with albums like Dangerously in Love and B’Day, staring in Dream Girls and marrying rapper Jay-Z in 2008. Knowles founded the Knowles Teaching Fellowship Program to assist early career high school teachers, launched a family music label and released projects by artists including Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Juanita Bynum, Micah Stampley and Le’Andria Johnson as well as being highly sought after speaker and lecturer.

Professional Career

Knowles Precision Devices seeks employees with a winning mindset who are willing to show ownership and take initiative, thus ranking Knowles an A+ in both Happiness and Environment ratings from its employees. Furthermore, Knowles ranks within the Top 10% of Chicago companies and Top 5% of similar sized firms on Comparably.

Mathew Knowles served as manager for Destiny’s Child vocal group before overseeing Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland as solo artists. Additionally, Mathew owns Music World Artist Management record label which encompasses country, gospel and children’s music genres.

Knowles employees awarded their company an A+ in Environment. Responses were taken into consideration regarding happiness at work, culture and overall job satisfaction. Caucasian employees with 1 to 3 years of experience are most appreciative of Knowles efforts in this area.

Achievement and Honors

Knowles careers is a wonderful place to work and has consistently high employee satisfaction ratings. Their culture score of 81/100 places them among the top 5% of similar-sized companies for Happiness, Environment and Retention.

Susan Pienta, 2015 Knowles Teaching Fellow, had her students investigate how stormwater enters Queensbury and its watershed, providing essential services to local farmers and homeowners. Their findings were then shared with town leaders and the Warren County Soil & Water Conservation District.

Swetha Narasimhan of 2021 Knowles Teaching Fellow Swetha Narasimhan won the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, presented to 60 Philadelphia school teachers whose lessons possess potential to promote student learning.

2022 Knowles Senior Fellow Monica Sircar was selected for Achieve’s Science Peer Review Panel, reviewing Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) materials across the country.

Personal Life

Tina Knowles’ personal life has been marked by intense turmoil amidst her professional successes as a fashion guru, manager, and style consultant. Often praised for her tenacity and commitment to helping underdogs, Tina also gained respect as she played an influential role in shaping Beyonce’s image when she joined Destiny’s Child during its famed 1980s run under her management and styling.

Knowles received an “A+” grade for its work culture, with employees reporting they are happy and engaged at their company. Caucasian employees with 1 to 3 years of experience reported being the happiest at Knowles; additionally, Knowles ranks within the Top 5% for employee retention among similar sized companies on Comparably. Click here for more details regarding its workplace environment.

Net Worth

Knowles has earned himself an esteemed position as a conservative commentator, author, and podcast host. His academic contributions and engaging personality have allowed him to amass an impressive fortune.

Net worth can be defined as the difference between the values of their assets and liabilities, including debts. Knowing your net worth can be useful when setting budgets, encouraging wise spending habits and paying off debt faster. Net worth may also provide insights when planning retirement or assessing investments.

Knowles jobs average an annual salary of $135,268, with process engineering manager and senior oracle database administrator roles accounting for the highest earnings. Employees rated Knowles an A+ on Comparably for Happiness and Environment ratings – placing Knowles amongst the top 5% of comparable sized companies.

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