Kobe Bryant Mamba Shirt

Kobe Bryant and the Mamba Shirt

Whether you are a Kobe Bryant fan or not, you know that he has a special way of showing off his talents. For example, you have probably seen him wearing the mamba shirt during his games. This shirt, which is the first he has worn in the NBA, is designed to look like the Black Mamba’s jersey. It also comes in a City Edition version.

Black mamba jersey

During the 2020 NBA playoffs, the Los Angeles Lakers will wear special uniforms in honor of the late Kobe Bryant. The uniforms, called the “Black Mamba” are patterned after Bryant’s jerseys of the past. These jerseys feature a snakeskin pattern on the exterior and yellow accents. The interior features 16 stars that represent each of the Lakers’ 16 titles. The jerseys are also made of 100% recycled polyester.

Kobe Bryant is a legend of the NBA. He is a five-time NBA champion, 18-time All-Star, and two-time Finals MVP. As a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, he played over 20 seasons, averaging 21.5 points and nine assists per game. He was a force on the court, as well as off it.

In January of this year, Bryant passed away at age 44. His funeral was held on August 24. As a tribute to the life and career of Bryant, the Lakers will wear special uniforms in the upcoming series against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Lakers City Edition uniform

Despite the passing of Kobe Bryant on January 22 of last year, the Los Angeles Lakers have continued to pay tribute to the legend. On July 31 of this year, they announced that they would be wearing “Black Mamba” City Edition uniforms in honour of the late superstar. They plan to wear it in the playoffs as well.

The jersey has been inspired by Kobe Bryant’s “Black Mamba” nickname. It features a snakeskin print and black snakeskin-inspired shorts. It also has eight stars on the shorts, which represent each of the Lakers’ NBA titles.

It also features a heart-shaped patch near the right shoulder, which is a tribute to Kobe’s daughter Gianna. It also features a “LA 24” logo on the belt buckle area. The Lakers will also wear a black alternate jersey, which features 16 stars on the side.

The “Black Mamba” uniforms are reminiscent of Kobe’s rookie season jerseys. They were originally worn in the regular season. It’s believed that the Lakers would only wear the jersey in the playoffs if they advanced to the second round.

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