Latoshia Daniels

Latoshia Daniels, a Social Worker, Was Indicted on Three Felonies This Week For the Murder of Pastor Brodes Perry

Latoshia Daniels is a social worker who describes herself online as an anger management specialist. Currently working for The Root Behavioral Health in Little Rock.

Tabatha Perry reported to police that Daniels unexpectedly arrived at her home, which she welcomed her into since they knew each other from living in Little Rock. Once inside, Daniels is said to have shot multiple shots into Tabatha’s husband before shooting herself as she kneeled next to him and started praying with him.

Early Life and Education

Latoshia Daniels struggled with her emotions in court this week after being charged with murdering Memphis pastor Brodes Perry and his wife at their Collierville apartment on April 4, 2019; as the shooter fired several rounds into them she reportedly said “You broke my heart”.

Police stated that when they arrived at Meridian Place Apartments, they found Brodes and Tabatha Perry suffering gunshot wounds, along with evidence showing their attacker had an active handgun that she refused to give up.

State records reveal Daniels to be a licensed social worker in Arkansas, and her license specifies she specializes in anger management and domestic violence. Unfortunately, she remains held without bond; her attorney, Leslie Ballin has stated they won’t abandon a request for one at her next hearing.

Professional Career

Latoshia Daniels is a highly qualified mental health professional based out of Little Rock, Arkansas. She offers services including anger management and domestic violence relief as well as suicidal ideation therapy.

Brodes Perry’s wife told police that Daniels unexpectedly arrived at their home the evening of the shooting and requested entry. She acknowledged knowing Daniels from their time spent living together in Little Rock and agreed to allow her inside.

Police report that after a brief conversation between Daniels and Perry, Daniels took out her handgun and fired several times at Perry with it while saying, “you broke my heart”. She was arrested immediately afterwards but later became unruly and began shouting at officers arresting her; eventually Daniels was placed under arrest herself before later shouting at those arresting her and wiping away tears during her initial court appearance Tuesday.

Achievement and Honors

Latoshia Daniels was arrested in April on charges that she shot and killed Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church Pastor Brodes Perry while also wounding his wife, according to police reports. Daniels arrived unannounced at their apartment complex and opened fire after refusing to drop her gun when confronted by law enforcement, according to those same reports.

As officers attempted to arrest her, she pulled away and pushed one officer. When she took off running again, officers chased after her until they caught up and forced her down before handcuffing her. She was charged with first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, possession of firearm during commission of crime (felony), assaulting a police officer (police officer assault), resisting arrest (resisting arrest) and is being held without bond.

Personal Life

Latoshia Daniels, a social worker who specializes in anger management treatments, was indicted this week on three felony counts related to her specialization: first-degree murder, attempted murder and possessing firearms during commission of crimes.

Police allege that on April 4, she shot and killed Reverend Brodes Perry of Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church outside Memphis at his home outside Memphis. Tabatha Perry was injured as well in this shooting incident.

Tabatha told police she let Daniels into her home because they knew each other from living in Little Rock, but when she tried to eject Daniels she shot her in the shoulder. Officers arrived on scene and ordered Daniels to drop her weapon; when she refused they used a less lethal shotgun round to disarm her.

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