Lee Purcell Net Worth

Lee Purcell was born June 15th 1947. She is an award-winning movie actress as well as engaged in various charitable causes and founded BoomerBabes which provides beauty and fashion advice for women over forty.

Lee is an active member of SAG-AFTRA and serves on multiple committees within this union. Additionally, she has done several stunts for her movies that include walking along an airplane wing and accurately portraying a hang glider.

Early Life and Education

Lee Purcell is an American actress who has earned herself a place in Hollywood through her outstanding performances. The talented performer has made appearances in films from different genres ranging from westerns, dramas and comedies; in television shows; as the lead performer in various productions; as well as film projects.

At seven, she started performing in school operettas as a child actress. Flapping her makeshift chicken feather wings in response to spontaneous applause was proof enough of this discovery; she knew this was where her destiny lay.

Steve McQueen played an instrumental part in launching her film career. He selected and mentored her for her debut role in Solar Productions’ Adam at 6 A.M, co-starring an unexperienced Michael Douglas.

Professional Career

Lee Purcell hails from North Carolina and made her initial breakthrough on a Memphis TV show before moving to California and taking acting classes. To support herself financially, she did unpaid television commercials as well as selling clothes at discos to pay the bills.

She earned two Emmy nominations early in her career for her roles on LONG ROAD HOME and SECRET SINS OF THE FATHER, while also appearing in films such as Mr. Majestyk, Big Wednesday, Stir Crazy, and Valley Girl.

She co-owned a niche market video production company before selling it and has since focused on directing and producing film, TV and theatre projects as well as performing poetry or fiction narration for live audiences.

Achievement and Honors

Lee Purcell has established herself as one of the premier actresses in film. Her performance has garnered critical acclaim and loyal fan following for both critical acclaim as well as accolades from audiences worldwide. Lee has appeared in blockbuster movies such as the Rockford Files, Hawaii Five-O, Magnum P.I., and The Waltons as an actress.

She has received various honors throughout her career, such as nominations for two Emmy Awards (Long Road Home and Secret Sins of the Father).

BoomerBabes was established by her in 2010, targeting women over forty. Additionally, she enjoys directing and has returned multiple times to London in order to study acting. Furthermore, her charitable activities include working for Heart of a Horse and Veterans Entertainment Team among many other organizations.

Personal Life

Lee Purcell has had a distinguished career in both television and motion pictures. A member of SAG-AFTRA, she has served on multiple committees for this union. Additionally, Lee directs and produces live theater productions such as Green River Players which tours worldwide; co-producing, co-directing and performing in Green River Players has garnered her two Prime Time Emmy nominations for LONG ROAD HOME and SECRET SINS OF THE FATHERS respectively.

She keeps her personal life and love life private, though she currently remains single. In 2010, she created an interactive fashion and beauty website aimed at women over 40 called BoomerBabes which provides interactive fashion and beauty content tailored specifically for them. Additionally, she loves art and often paints. Furthermore, she actively supports various projects related to arts patronage.

Net Worth

According to various reports, popular movie actress Lee Purcell reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of between $1-5 Million earned through her career as an Actress in movies.

At five, she made her first performing debut by appearing on a Memphis television show. Later she relocated to America where she studied dance and arts at Stephens College while also appearing in TV commercials and selling clothes at discos to support herself financially.

BoomerBabes was established by her in 2010 to offer fashion and beauty advice for women over forty. Additionally, she directs and produces live theatre productions as well as direct two Prime-Time Emmy nominated movies: LONG ROAD HOME and SECRET SINS OF THE FATHER for which she received two nominations from Prime-Time Emmy nominations.

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