Lesbian Daughters

If your teenage daughter comes out as gay, don’t panic – she could just be going through a phase and will likely change her mind in due course.

If the news of your daughter’s sexuality overwhelms you, reach out for help from professionals like PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Gays and Lesbians). They can provide invaluable assistance.

Early Life and Education

The Daughters of Bilitis (DOB) was established in San Francisco by Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon as an organization to fight for visibility and equality for lesbians in 1955. Though its roots lie in an era marked by witch hunts and police harassment, DOB helped put lesbian rights firmly on the civil rights agenda.

The group published The Ladder, often considered to be America’s first lesbian magazine. Vice Versa existed briefly in late 1940s.

Research on children of LGBT parents often relies on self-reports from youth, which creates a social desirability bias (Austin et al. 2010 and Gartrell and Bos 2010 among others). One study demonstrated that married opposite-sex couples had higher graduation rates than other living arrangements (Austin et al. 2010 and Gartrell and Bos 2010 among others).

Professional Career

Many lesbian daughters showed an ambition for professional success and recognition in fields such as medicine, law, journalism and social work. Some may have also taken steps to support underprivileged groups while fighting discrimination.

The Daughters of Bilitis, or DOB, was one of the pioneering lesbian civil rights organizations in America. Established by Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, DOB focused on women’s issues as well as issues surrounding female homosexuality.

Women’s groups formed by these activists provided a social alternative to bars subject to police harassment and the gaze of families and tourists, encouraging feminism while helping women leave abusive marriages, advocating same-sex adoptions, equal access to medical care and family laws – many activities were conducted discreetly underground.

Achievement and Honors

Your daughter may identify as lesbian due to her preference for women; this has nothing to do with how she was raised; it’s just part of who she is. If your daughter finds comfort around other women more than men, that is totally acceptable and should not be seen as something negative.

Established in 1955, Daughters of Bilitis (DOB) quickly emerged as one of the first lesbian rights organizations in America. Starting as a social club for women seeking an alternative to police raids and scrutiny by tourists at San Francisco gay bars, DOB quickly transformed into an influential organization working toward lesbian rights.

Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon both had journalism backgrounds, which enabled them to quickly publish The Ladder, the first nationally distributed periodical for lesbians. While DOB members appeared cautious when compared with later LGBT activists’ direct tactics, Gallo shows how its assimilationist approach has had lasting ramifications on queer history.

Personal Life

As your daughter explores her sexual orientation, it may become necessary for her to share this news with one or two individuals. It’s essential that she finds people who will accept and support her identity – this may include friends, family or even coworkers.

Teenage girls typically find other female teens attractive for reasons unrelated to family or environment; it’s just part of who they are.

No matter who she turns out to be, she will still be your daughter. Love and accept her for who she is as this will ensure her happiness in her journey through life – be there as an advocate when needed and guide her through any rough spots!

Net Worth

Gigi Chao, daughter of Hong Kong billionaire Henry Tsai and currently in an extremely high-profile relationship, has made headlines due to her beauty and high-profile associations. Her father has placed a bounty of $65 Million for any man who can win her heart.

Rosie O’Donnell first gained recognition through her talk shows, but today she also serves as a magazine publisher, author, and co-owner of a travel company specializing in same-sex family adoptions. Additionally, Rosie is known as an avid philanthropist who has donated millions to organizations like breast cancer research.

Zoe Bearse is the daughter of actress Amanda Bearse (best known for her role on Married… with Children), who came out as lesbian when adopting Zoe in Palm Springs the same year she came out herself as lesbian. Although Zoe keeps much of her personal life private, her success speaks volumes about love and family ties.

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