Liam Fagan

Liam Fagan – Singer-Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist and Composer

Liam Fagan is an indie pop-rock artist with a soulful sound. As a multi-instrumental talent and composer himself, he writes his own music while drawing influence from different musical genres.

As a musician, he leads Park National – an emo band which released its debut album in 2020 – featuring songs with long guitar intros and steady drum hits that fit neatly within the sparklepunk subgenre of emo music.

Early Life and Education

Liam Fagan hails from Chicago and currently studies music performance at Berklee College of Music. Under the stage name Park National he performs and specializes in emo-indie genre. In 2020 his debut album “The Big Glad” was released and it has garnered millions of streams since.

His success can be credited largely to the support of his fans, who have stood by him through many ups and downs. Gymnastics helps keep him grounded and on track toward reaching his goals.

He is a hardworking student with many accomplishments to his credit. A passionate Notre Dame fan and Irish native, his parents are immensely proud of him as are he for all the opportunities provided him by life and education.

Professional Career

Liam Fagan was an enthusiastic gymnast with dreams of becoming a professional athlete. To meet this goal, he dedicated hours each day to practicing and training at his training facilities; his mother provided support and encouraged him to persevere.

After his AFL career had come to a close, he joined the Baltimore Ravens practice squad. While part of a busy tight end room, he learned from other players and developed his skills further.

Fagan is currently studying music at Berklee College of Music under the moniker Park National, performing emo-indie music with millions of streams on his debut album “The Big Glad”. A multi-instrumentalist, his technical skill shows on songs featuring long guitar intros and steady drum hits.

Achievement and Honors

Liam, a trombonist, was chosen nationally to perform with the All-National Jazz Ensemble at Grand Ole Opry Nashville Tennessee. He was overjoyed to join such an accomplished group of musicians and directors!

Chicago native Park National is currently studying at Berklee and releases music under his moniker Park National. His creative take on emo-indie rock goes beyond guitar intros and steady drum beats to capture listeners beyond expectations. Since its release in 2020, The Big Glad has amassed millions of streams.

Fagan is an avid supporter of Scottish football club Celtic and regularly raises money for Chris’s House charity in memory of his late father who committed suicide. Additionally, he belongs to the Stephen Logan Celtic Supporters’ Club.

Personal Life

Liam Fagan, more commonly known by his stage name Park National at Berklee College of Music, takes an innovative and cerebral approach to emo-indie rock with his debut album “The Big Glad”, released in 2020 and garnering millions of streams online since.

Fagan has also graced the Civic Youth Theatre stage in numerous productions such as Oso Oso and Crime In Stereo, among many others. Additionally, he plays soccer for Albion Rovers of Scotland League Two where he has appeared in two matches thus far and scored no goals or made any assists while accruing no yellow and red cards during that time.

Fagan credits gymnastics with keeping him grounded and on track with his goals, motivating him to train hard and strive to reach the pinnacle.

Net Worth

Liam Fagan was a well-known face at Vincentian Castleknock College in Dublin and went on to study Philosophy at the Irish College in Paris.

Fagan returned on loan to City in March 2008 and quickly established himself as a regular during their inaugural Premier League season back. Unfortunately, Fagan suffered injuries throughout his stint with City and eventually left for Derby County where he would spend some time before finally departing Manchester altogether in 2021.

Motherwell supporter and huge advocate of Chris’s House, Paul has been raising awareness since his dad Paul committed suicide in 2008. To honour him and raise funds, every year he organizes both a football tournament and evening event known as The Darkness into Light Ball to mark Paul’s death by suicide. Furthermore, as a musician under Park National he has released an album entitled The Big Glad.

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