Lisa Vanderpump Birth Chart

What You Should Know About Lisa Vanderpump’s Birth Chart

Whether you want to find out more about Lisa Vanderpump’s birth chart or you are just interested in learning about celebrities’ birth charts, there are a few things you should know. First, you should know that Vanderpump’s sign is Gemini, and she was born on March 25. While this may seem like a minor detail, it can be important if you are interested in knowing more about her personality or her love life. Also, knowing her sign can help you understand the type of things she may or may not do, as well as how she reacts to different situations.


Whether or not Lisa Vanderpump is an astrology narcissist, her Cancer sun sign gives insight into her personality. This sign is associated with emotional, intuitive, and creative individuals. They are also very sensitive. Often, these individuals are loyal, compassionate, and extremely sensitive. They may also have great interpersonal connections with other Cancer women.

The Moon in Lisa Vanderpump’s birth chart is in 20deg Cancer. She also has Mercury, Neptune, and Mars in her chart. These planets help her be creative. Neptune is the planet of imagination. This allows her to become creative and innovative. She has been working for many years as an advocate for the LGBT community. She has worked with the Desert AIDS Project and is a spokesperson for GLAAD. She has also starred in several films.


Having Lisa Vanderpump’s birth chart, or natal chart, can help you understand more about her personality. It also provides insight into the interactions she has with other people. There are some character traits that she shares with her zodiac signs, and some that she doesn’t. Here are a few of them.

Libras are often thought of as selfish, self-centred, and a little manipulative. In reality, they are social, empathetic, and passionate. They are also great listeners.

Capricorns are hardworking, realistic, and persistent. They are also down to earth and don’t shy away from challenges. This is how they can be so successful. Capricorns are also very ambitious. They don’t stop until they have achieved their goals. They are often highly creative.


Virgo is one of the stars of the zodiac. It is also the sign that rules Mercury. It’s also the star sign that is associated with the concept of perfectionism. You can see this in the way that Lisa Vanderpump behaves. She’s very analytical. She’s a perfectionist, and she’s very critical of herself. But, she’s also very charming.

The Virgo Sun brings energy, vitality, and stamina. It also brings harmony. This is a sign of the zodiac that has a lot of potential in Lisa Vanderpump. It’s also a sign of the zodiac that is ruled by Venus.


Whether you are a fan of Lisa Vanderpump or just curious about her astrology, this article will reveal a few interesting things about her chart. The information will help you understand her character.

As a Gemini, Lisa Vanderpump’s chart gives insight into her personality. She likes to be the centre of attention and is an adaptable sign. She is also a very logical and intuitive person. Her Moon links to Venus, Neptune, and Pluto. These are all planets that influence her behavior. Those born under the Gemini sign are known for their wittyness and persuasion skills. They are also outgoing and willing to try just about anything.


Despite the fact that Lisa Vanderpump is the star of Bravo’s hit show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, her birth chart is not very comprehensive. It does show some interesting character traits.

Lisa Vanderpump was born in London, England. She grew up starring in numerous television shows and films. She was a full time drama student by the time she was nine. Her first film was a 1973 dramedy titled A Touch of Class.

She also has been involved in two tumultuous relationships. She has been with James Kennedy, and Tom Sandoval. She’s also been with Ken Todd, who she’s married to. They’ve owned 26 restaurants and clubs in London.


Using astrology to read the stars can give you insight into your personality, your interactions, and your natural luck. For example, if you’re thinking about starting a family, you can find out how your birth sign might influence your future. Also, if you’re interested in the arts, you can discover how your astrological sign might affect your interest in those types of endeavors.

In Lisa Vanderpump’s birth chart, she has the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Virgo. These signs pair well with her Venus in Leo. This is because they both have an eye for aesthetics, a sensitivity to the environment, and a lively imagination. She also has an affinity for her family and has a strong desire to be a part of her society.

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