Loltyler1 Betting

League of Legends GOAT and streamer Tyler1 recently traveled to Korea in pursuit of one of his boldest challenges yet: to reach Challenger level on their server while only using fill.

Tyler1 had set out to expose the betting in his solo queue games and convince Riot to take action against it; unfortunately he has been unsuccessful with this goal.

Early Life and Education

Tyler Steinkamp, commonly known by his streamer name of tyler1 betting is an American gamer and League of Legends streamer from Missouri who is best known for his eccentric personality and reckless actions on-stream. His videos have gone viral with millions of views being generated through them.

Tyler first made waves by being known for his toxic behavior and edge which attracted many like-minded players to his channel. Often trolling teammates and intentionally losing games he even created an “Int List”, detailing players he disapproved of along with reasons.

He was then banned from LoL until January 2018. Ultimately, he took an etiquette course and became more respectful; later returning to play with Macaiyla as his companion, whom frequently made appearances on his channel.

Professional Career

Tyler1 quickly made up for lost time when he got out of his ban at the beginning of 2018 by actively promoting League of Legends tournaments and its tournaments, even joining forces with some of its leading players to host his own annual TCS competition with its $50,000 sink-or-swim prize pool and revamped greenscreen design.

Though not boasting any of the top teams from LoL Worlds, TCS remains an elite event with betting opportunities. Tyler1 used this tournament as an opportunity to challenge TF Blade’s gambling comments by challenging him to play 500 Challenger rank games with an 80% win rate and prove himself.

Achievement and Honors

Tyler1 betting managed to come back into League of Legends despite being permanently banned for toxic behavior, becoming one of the most watched LoL players on Twitch with millions of followers.

Riot Games honored Tyler1’s achievement by sending a custom light-up medal for each League of Legends role he reached.

Tyler1 is currently training to compete in Korea’s Solo Queue rankings, hoping to reach Challenger tier. However, Midbeast recently made a controversial bet against him; their war of words over this decision has gone viral and centers around whether tyler1 will accept a gambling sponsorship deal in exchange for an unprecedented pay out.

Personal Life

Loltyler1 and Macaiyla live together in Missouri, US. Both share an affinity for online gaming and have amassed an extensive fan base across various platforms.

Tyler Steinkamp has found popularity through his charismatic presence and numerous followers on streaming platforms, short film appearances, and his artistic skills as an ace painter.

Recently, he was widely criticized for his toxic behavior, leading to him being banned from League of Legends esports events.

His fans believe he should return once he has attended an online etiquette course; this way he won’t disrupt games for other players and the audience. Additionally, he is considering gambling sponsorship which has divided opinion within his community.

Net Worth

Tyler Steinkamp, better known in gaming circles as Tyler1 or Loltyler1, possesses an estimated net worth of about $2 Million. Born in Missouri and studying computer science at Central Methodist University before abandoning it to pursue online gaming full time.

He quickly earned himself a name as one of the most-watched League of Legends streamers before engaging in toxic behavior that earned him trouble with Riot Games and eventually led to him being banned from playing the game altogether.

Even during his ban, he has managed to develop and increase his following and popularity. He makes money via Twitch streaming, YouTube ad revenue, merchandise sales and sponsorship deals; donations and subscriptions on his channel; plus is highly entertaining streamer who serves as an inspiring role model for young gamers.

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