Loutfy Mansour

Loutfy Mansour, Elder Brother of Two Brothers With a Wealth in Excess of $7.5 Billion

Loutfy Mansour’s father amassed great wealth as a cotton trader before losing it all when Egypt’s then-president Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized their businesses. To fund his education at North Carolina State, the younger Loutfy worked as a busboy.

Man Capital, his family’s investment arm. Additionally, he holds season tickets at Stamford Bridge and made a splash into sports by purchasing Right To Dream last year.

Early Life and Education

Every evening at eight, young Mohamed Loutfy Mansour would gather with his father and books for conversation about world events, international trade, commodities markets and their family’s cotton trading business.

Today, this family business has evolved into a multibillion-dollar conglomerate employing 60,000 people with annual revenues topping $6 billion. It holds various General Motors dealerships as well as being one of the leading distributors for Caterpillar equipment and providing 90 McDonald’s restaurants throughout Egypt.

Mansour also heads London-based family office and private equity firm Man Capital LLP, in this seventh episode we hear from him and Tom Vernon on their goal to uncover emergent excellence through football, education and character development. Their dialogue is honest, insightful and fascinating!

Professional Career

Loutfy Mansour looked forward to 8 pm every evening as part of his daily ritual: his father would come in and sit by his bed to discuss international politics, commodities trading, or brokerage business matters – providing much-needed comfort and purposeful conversation throughout his confined day in bed.

Mantrac, Mansour’s family company, expanded and flourished under his direction while forging global partnerships with brands like General Motors, Caterpillar construction equipment, Peugeot cars and MG motorcycles. Even amid challenging political and economic environments, it managed to continue expanding.

Lead Foundation employs more than 60,000 worldwide, making them one of Egypt’s largest enterprises by revenue. Furthermore, this charitable enterprise has provided over 4.5 million small loans and micro loans to Egyptian women over time.

Achievement and Honors

Mansour has made significant contributions to Egypt’s development through both his business success and social initiatives. He was the creator of the non-profit Lead Foundation, providing funding for small and micro enterprises. Furthermore, Mansour Group operates six divisions covering automotive, capital markets, consumer & retail sales, industrial equipment & services.

Additionally, the group enjoys partnerships with several international businesses like Caterpillar, Credit Agricole Bank and McDonald’s – each contributing positively to Egypt’s economic reform and development efforts.

Mansour’s appointment as treasurer of the Conservative Party has placed him back into the public eye in his home country of Canada, where he is widely recognized as an influential player with both deep business and political relationships. On May 1st he will deliver commencement speech at NC State University.

Personal Life

Mohamed Mansour, the elder brother with an estimated wealth exceeding $7.5 billion, oversees family conglomerate Mansour Group. A global player employing 60,000 worldwide workers and with operations ranging from cotton trading to global partnerships with Caterpillar; Metro supermarket chain operates under his auspices as does distribution rights for Gauloises cigarettes and L’Oreal products; it also holds strong presences in automotive and equipment fields including General Motors being one of its key partners.

Mansour Group’s cautious yet old-fashioned sense of responsibility should not be misconstrued as indifference towards business ruthlessness; their long-standing partnerships with brands like General Motors (GM), Caterpillar (CAT) and McDonald’s attest to his strength and determination. He holds season ticket at Stamford Bridge as well as leading Man Capital (London-based private equity arm of his group).

Net Worth

Mansour has built much of his fortune through his stake in a family conglomerate established by his late father, Loutfy, back in 1952 – the Mansour Group. Established as one of Egypt’s and Africa’s premier diversified business owners in automotive, equipment, retail and services sectors (with presence across automotive, equipment, retail and services sectors); Metro supermarket chains; holding license for McDonald’s Egypt operations as well as operating other renowned brands like L’Oreal cosmetics and Gauloises cigarettes are among its core assets.

Mansour holds dual citizenship between Egypt and Britain and is widely recognised for his generous philanthropy as well as serving as senior treasurer for the Conservative Party. Over the past year, his net worth increased significantly due to his company’s solid performance and wise investments.

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