Luc Arnal

Luc Arnal is a Scientist and Researcher in the Area of Cognitive Neuroscience

Researchers in the Luc Arnal Lab are investigating how our brain processes communication signals. Utilizing psychoacoustic and neuroimaging technologies, they seek to understand which brain pathways carry sounds to our auditory cortex and trigger our reactions accordingly.

Scientists have discovered that sound waves such as screaming can trigger deep regions of our brain responsible for emotions and protecting against danger, but specific frequencies travel non-classically towards these archaic brain structures.

Professional Career

Luc Arnal is an expert in Cognitive neuroscience. His focus lies on studying how sound travels to and processes by the brain, using psychoacoustic and brain imaging methods to analyze how these sounds impact our behavior.

He worked at cosmetic company Avon and Walgreens Boot Alliance, according to Cincinnati Business Courier. Additionally, he conducted research at both Pasteur Institute and New York University.

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Personal Life

Outside of his professional obligations, Luc Arnal enjoys hiking, swimming, and cycling for recreation. His warm personality puts patients at ease while providing exceptional medical expertise that ensures they receive optimal care.

Arnal’s research explores the neural pathways that transport sound to the brain, how sounds are perceived and processed, and the behavioral responses they elicit. His team employs psychoacoustic, brain imaging and digital modeling methods to gain a comprehensive understanding of auditory system complexity.

Arnal had been working 18-hour days and facing an onslaught of emails from investors and lawsuit plaintiffs prior to his death, according to reports from friends. He told them he needed a break. Yet at the same time he was an attentive father who enjoyed taking his children to parks and engaging them in scientific experiments.

Net Worth

Gustavo Arnal had distinguished positions with several esteemed companies. Throughout his career, he diligently earned promotions until becoming Executive Vice President (EVP) for Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. Furthermore, Gustavo was well known as both a businessperson and family man.

He joined Bed Bath & Beyond in 2020 and successfully navigated it through a coronavirus pandemic, while recruiting new finance and strategy leaders. Prior to working for Bed Bath & Beyond, he held positions at Avon Products Inc, Walgreens Boots Alliance and Procter & Gamble.

He currently serves as both EVP and CFO of BBBY Corporation, engaging in four insider transactions since 2021 and selling 55,013 units of stock valued at approximately $1,403,932 on 16 August 2022. Currently he owns approximately 255,396 common shares owned by the company.

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