Luca Prior

Prior graduated this spring from Northville High School in metro Detroit where he led his Mustangs to an 8-3 record under his leadership as quarterback and plans on studying finance or business at Calvin University.

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Early Life and Education

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English composers adopted his style and textural contrast. Unfortunately, he succumbed to illness in 1599 without leaving behind much wealth behind him.

Professional Career

Luca joined Baltimore in 2016 and quickly earned accolades for his outstanding defense. Under his direction, Baltimore has achieved the lowest scoring average and several key defensive statistics such as sacks, takeaways, and interceptions in the NFL.

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Achievement and Honors

Prior earned the highest GPA at Northville High School and recently pledged his commitment to Calvin University of Grand Rapids’ Division III football program which recently launched under coach Trent Figg. Prior is the inaugural quarterback to sign with Calvin as their inaugural quarterback will start under him as coach for their inaugural football season.

DCVC Bio’s portfolio companies entrust him with helping them take their technologies from development to commercialization, drawing upon his deep technical knowledge in therapeutics, synthetic biology and agritech to provide operational, strategic and fundraising support for these firms.

Luca’s scientific background is enhanced by his appreciation of art. To that end, he established and operates Pinto International Art Gallery that showcases Southeast Asian and Central American artists; offices exist both in New York and San Francisco.

Personal Life

Luca has always had an affinity for music, being inspired by artists such as Richie Hawtin, Four Tet and Carl Cox. He collaborated with various labels like Tronic, Octopus and Break New Soil and was later supported by Joseph Capriati, Maceo Plex and Solomun – artists whom his work continues to influence today.

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Luca currently resides in Northville, Michigan with his wife and children. An avid Calvin University football supporter and pianist himself, Luca also makes time for music appreciation classes at Northville United Church of Christ as well as being a prolific writer with contributions made to both Freddy’s Nightmares franchise as well as writing for Star Trek.

Net Worth

Luca has experienced immense success throughout his career and boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $275 Million.

At General Motors, he held various finance and operating roles across North America, Europe and Asia as well as being accountable for global financial planning and analysis activities of the company.

Luca is married and is raising two children in Brighton, United Kingdom with his wife and kids. His sister, an accomplished tattoo artist and social media influencer known as Tattoo Luca is also part of his household. As an Instagram influencer Luca can earn significant sums per post they upload. Additionally he recently started vlogging and recently created his channel to share his passions.

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