Luca Salves

Luca Salves – The Husband of Reality Show Actress Chanel Ayan

Luca Salves is a prominent businessman known for his association with model Chanel Ayan, who appeared on Real Housewives of Dubai reality TV series and launched her own cosmetic line with celebrity makeup artist Toni Malt.

Chanel met her husband when she was 17, and they soon after married shortly after in Brazil. Soon thereafter they relocated to both the United States and Dubai where they have since lived for 18 years.

Early Life and Education

Luca Salves has earned an esteemed standing within Dubai’s business community as an entrepreneur and husband of model and reality show actress Chanel Ayan.

Chanel met her future spouse while still only 17 and they quickly fell in love, marrying quickly after spending several years living together in the US before eventually moving on to Dubai where they are raising a 14-year-old son named Taj who has followed in both parents’ footsteps by beginning a modeling career himself.

Details regarding their family life remain private; however, they have been together for over 20 years. Their son now works professionally as a model and they own properties both in UAE and US.

Professional Career

Luca Salves is an accomplished businessman who has amassed considerable wealth through his professional endeavors. Luca currently resides in Dubai with his wife Chanel Ayan – known for being featured on Real Housewives of Dubai reality series as well as garnering global fame as part of that show’s cast members.

They met as teenagers in Brazil and instantly fell in love. Shortly thereafter they married and spent some time living in America before finally relocating to Dubai.

Kenyan-born model Mabel Otieno made her mark in modeling by appearing in ads for Bazaar and Coca Cola in Kenya, as well as managing her own talent management company and creating her own skincare range with makeup artist Toni Malt.

Achievement and Honors

Luca Salves is the husband of Chanel Ayan, an accomplished model and reality show actress. He has built an acclaimed business career and currently resides in Dubai with his family – his wife and their son included.

He has also established a flourishing modeling career and is widely recognized within the fashion industry. Featured in numerous ad campaigns and highly sought after models in his region.

Luca has received several awards for his efforts, including the Rocky Mountain Section PGA Player Development Award in 2021. As an attentive husband and father, he takes pleasure in traveling the globe with his family; sharing pictures from their adventures via Instagram. Alongside his wife they’re both avid sports fans; frequenting Dallas Cowboys games together as much as San Antonio Spurs games together – especially Cowboys games in Dallas where their wife hails from.

Personal Life

Luca Salves is an artist and entrepreneur. Currently living in Dubai with his wife Chanel Ayan, Luca has over two decades of experience in the entertainment industry and is well known for his unique style that blends various genres together.

Luca is an artist in his own right, having had his works showcased internationally in magazines. Furthermore, he is an active musician himself having performed at numerous music festivals around the country.

Luca boasts an impressive net worth of $200,000. He is a loving husband and father to his daughter. In his free time he enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as travelling. Additionally, Luca owns properties both in America and Kenya thanks to his passion for family. Luca remains extremely humble despite all his success which stands as proof of his hard work and effort.

Net Worth

Luca Salves is an artist and model, though his exact profession remains unclear. He supports his wife’s modeling career by co-owning a beauty product company with her. Hardworking yet ambitious, Luca Salves boasts an optimistic approach to life that remains positive throughout their work life.

At present, Taj Salves runs his own talent agency and does not appear on social media platforms, preferring to keep his personal life private. Taj and his wife share an interest in modeling for which he shows great passion.

Chanel Ayan has made her mark as Dubai’s first black supermodel, appearing on Real Housewives of Dubai 2022 and making money through skincare/makeup lines and her own maternity wear brand.

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