Luca Smiley

Luca Smiley began as promotions assistant for the morning show before transitioning into producer and overseeing social media accounts for it. She has been part of this show for more than 10 years now.

Alberto asks Luca if they are ready for the day, and Luca replied that they were both prepared. Alberto then wished them both good day before leaving them both behind.

Early Life and Education

Luca, an inquisitive young sea monster, gets drawn into human society after encountering Alberto Scorfano for advice. Together they decide that it would be interesting for Luca to walk on land for himself – something his new friend encourages him to do.

Alberto assures him it’s nothing to worry about and that even he experiences similar sensations from time to time. As they continue their stroll, Luca notices his Phantom Tail sensation is back. When Alberto inquires further he assures Luca not to worry and also feels the same.

Later that evening, Luca sneaks off to the surface and is taken aback when he spots both of his parents there. He hides behind a gate door clenching his teeth before Giulia appears. Giulia expresses concern over leaving, while Luca assures her everything will be fine before hugging and leaving together with Alberto. Luca eventually returned back home.

Professional Career

Luca is also an accomplished holistic nutritionist and wholefood advocate. He blogs and runs a YouTube channel featuring interviews of holistic therapists. Additionally, Luca works as detox manager at specialty detox centres on Koh Samui in Thailand.

His gentle demeanor is evident by his soft and gentle caudal fins. Additionally, Luca is an exceptionally fast swimmer despite his large frame.

Early concept art suggested that Luca had similarities to Pinocchio in terms of wanting to explore life above the surface and having his or her fair share of highs and lows before reforming himself and helping others. However, the film ultimately took an alternate route.

Achievement and Honors

Luca assists Alberto in building their own homemade Vespa. As they work on it, they begin learning new tricks, like jumping off cliffs and belly flopping, as well as dancing to Italian music.

However, Luca remains troubled; he thinks his parents are looking for him and clenches his teeth tight in anticipation. Alberto tells Luca that there’s something in his head saying bad things; in particular a voice called Bruno who keeps advising against doing certain things.

Back at home, Luca’s mother clears her throat and threatens to place him with Uncle Ugo for the remainder of the season. In his defense, he replies that he and Alberto are always careful. Together they leave for the train with Alberto following behind; once on board Luca smiles euphorically but his fears come true as soon as it enters a tunnel.

Personal Life

Nikki Reed started at WZPL during her senior year of college as an intern under afternoon host Kelly McKay before taking over his afternoon show for seven years until moving into morning show host Smiley’s slot two years later. She now remains on-air daily on both shows!

Luca’s parents are shocked at his incessant curiosity for people and decide to send him down into the depths. Although Luca tries convincing them otherwise, they remain unwilling to listen.

Net Worth

Joshua Luca Smiley has an estimated net worth of $17 Million and is an internet personality who makes entertaining videos on YouTube with body and soul. His videos have amassed a large following and produce high-quality content using professional equipment for his productions. Luca regularly trades stocks on the stock market; for instance he exercised 15,900 units of Lilly(Eli)&Co shares valued at $9,393,720 on 15 August 2023 alone! Furthermore he runs an online store selling merchandise bearing his name; three pizzas featuring his image have also been produced alongside Gustavo Gusto for sale to consumers worldwide!

He is the son of comedian Rickey Smiley and Brooke Antonette, and has three siblings: sister, Aaryn Smiley; brothers Malik Smiley and Craig Smiley. Luca prefers keeping his personal life private; no details regarding any possible romantic partnerships are shared publicly.

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