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Luca (Movie Review)

Luca is an ocean monster who cultivates goatfish to supply his family. While his grandmother and Lorenzo welcome him as part of their clan, he pines for life on land.

Alberto quickly becomes his best friend; together they compete against town bully Ercole in a bicycle race and battle each other off against town bully Ercole for supremacy.

Early Life and Education

Luca, an adventurous young fish boy living near Italy’s coast, is eager to explore life above water. Although his mother warns him against it, he decides to head with Alberto toward Portorosso for adventure.

Throughout their summer adventures, Luca and Lila enjoy eating gelato and riding Vespa scooters while also exploring friendship and belonging. He learns that even as friends may come and go over time, their love for each other remains constant.

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Professional Career

Luca has made an exceptional mark in engineering. Rising through the ranks at Enel, he now leads its engineering division as a key leader.

Cadet 2nd Class Luca Valenti faced numerous seemingly insurmountable barriers on his path to joining the U.S. Air Force Academy, but through hard work he overcame them all and now serves his nation proudly.

Luca has been Artistic Director of Protein since 1995. As well as being an esteemed choreographer, he is well known for collaborating with artists from diverse fields. Luca attended Trinity Laban and completed their Professional Diploma in Dance Studies program.

Achievement and Honors

Luca is determined to prove to his parents that he deserves acceptance by humans, so enters the Portorosso Cup triathlon along with Alberto and wins prize money to buy himself a Vespa scooter.

They come upon Giulia, who welcomes them with kindness. Her and Massimo Marcovaldo’s house allow them to stay there. Luca finds Giulia fascinating due to her intelligence. Luca admires how well-versed she is about various subjects.

Massimo stands up for Luca and Alberto when Ercole and his men try to hunt them down, protecting them from Ercole’s attempts at hunt down. Over time, their townspeople accept them as sea monsters; eventually attending school together; graduating with honors is awarded when students fulfill certain grade point average requirements and this notation appears on their diploma.

Personal Life

In the movie, Luca and Alberto spend their summers hanging out together along Italy’s coastal areas – mirroring director Enrico Casarosa’s own childhood experience of growing up there as a kid himself – just as these kids do in Casarosa’s eyes. He even told Collider – as “As a child I spent summers on the Italian Riviera just like these children do.

One day, Luca spots an object in the sky and follows it, only to learn that humans walk much like fish swim. He and his uncle (voiced by Sacha Baron Cohen) want to explore further but his mother forbids it.

Alberto and Luca eventually make friends with Giulia, who shows them kindness. She even allows Luca to keep her astronomy book; Alberto becomes jealous, prompting him to treat Luca poorly.

Net Worth

Director Enrico Casarosa (the Oscar-nominated Pixar short La Luna) and co-writers Jesse Andrews and Mike Jones set their tale in Portorosso, an Italian coastal town where residents welcome sea monsters but don’t embrace Ercole (an unsavory village bully who attempts to destroy their relationship).

Jacob Tremblay stars as Luca, a herding goatfish who spends his days herding fish under the watchful eyes of his parents Daniela (Maya Rudolph) and Lorenzo (Jim Gaffigan). When Alberto (another sea monster) shows him what happens when their bodies dry up, his curiosity about life outside is peaked; Alberto informs him they can take human form when wet!

As they begin their friendship journey together, the boys embark on adventures which will test both their friendship and humanity. LUCA is an animated gem which tugs at your heartstrings while offering some of Pixar’s most heartwarming moments.

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