Lucas 22D6

Lucas 22D6, 25D6 6-Cylinder Distributors

Electronic ignition conversion kit to switch out points and condenser, making installation simple and rock solid reliable. Easy installation process includes Powermax moulded R4 rotor arm, HT leads and ignition coil which fit Lucas 22D6, 25D6 6-cylinder distributors.

Personal Life

Lucas is an intelligent and witty preteen who was taken in by Harold and Shelly Shackwell after spending six months at an adaption center, eventually finding himself in various predicaments where he quickly learned how to escape them. Lucas quickly made friends with Darnell and Patty Shackwell – two cynical teenage girls who dislike Lucas but care deeply for him underneath their surface level attitude; additionally they introduced him to Tiger, their eccentric orange tabby cat who often causes trouble even when asked not to.

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