Lucian Adams

Lucian Adams

Lucian Adams earned the Medal of Honor during World War II while serving in Italy before returning home to Texas.

On October 28, 1944, Adams and his company attempted to open a supply line in Mortagne Forest near Saint Die, France but were met by German troops who stopped them from moving forward. Adams quickly charged forward while dodging trees while firing a borrowed Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR).

Early Life and Education

Lucian Adams was born in Port Arthur, Texas on October 26th of 1922 to a Mexican American family with twelve children.

After graduating high school in 1943, he joined the U.S. Army. Beginning basic training at Camp Butner in North Carolina before heading overseas, Europe soon followed as his destination.

In Europe, he earned the Medal of Honor for his heroic deed. On October 28, 1944 alone he destroyed three enemy machine gun emplacements that threatened supply lines to US Army companies near St Die in France.

Adams earned both the Bronze Star and Purple Heart for his heroic acts. To honor him, Aurora Park in Port Arthur was renamed Lucian Adams Field with a monument being unveiled in 1974; additionally a section of 61st Street in Port Arthur also bore his name.

Professional Career

Lucian Adams earned himself the Medal of Honor during World War II as a staff sergeant of the 3rd Infantry Division, when he single-handedly destroyed three German machine gun nests to open up supply lines for his company in Saint-Die, France.

Adams earned the Medal of Honor, Bronze Star and Purple Heart medals during World War II. Following the war, Adams spent 40 years working in Veterans Administration as a benefits counselor; also featured in a History Channel documentary on World War II Hispanics and Medals of Honor.

Erich also served on the American Bar Association Ethics 2000 Commission and led a committee that successfully proposed new Tennessee bar association legal ethics rules. To honor his efforts, the American Bar Association Center for Professional Responsibility presented him with its Michael Franck award.

Achievement and Honors

Lucian Adams (1922 – 2003) earned himself the Medal of Honor during World War II for singlehandedly taking down three enemy machine gun emplacements near Saint-Die in France to open up supply lines.

He was assigned as a staff sergeant with the Third Infantry Division, charged with opening supply lines to two companies of his battalion that had been cut off by German forces.

On this incredible mission, his company received some fire but not enough to stop their progress. What made this mission truly impressive was his ability to get his unit up and running once more through various clever moves – including using an exceptional grenade capable of dismantling three machine gun emplacements at once!

Personal Life

Lucian Adams was born on October 26th 1922 to a Mexican American family living in Port Arthur, Texas.

At 18 years old, he decided to join the Army. After inducting at Fort Sam Houston and being sent for basic training at Camp Butner in North Carolina.

He distinguished himself in Europe during World War II and received the Congressional Medal of Honor for a heroic action.

In October 1944, his company was fighting to reopen a supply line near Saint-Die in France when they came under heavy fire from German troops positioned within a forest nearby.

S/Sgt Adams courageously charged forward dodging trees while firing his Browning automatic rifle to destroy three machine gun nests that threatened his unit’s supply lines and save lives in one single act of bravery.

Net Worth

Lucian Adams, who earned the Medal of Honor during World War II, died on March 31st 2003. Born October 26th 1922 in Port Arthur Texas to Lucian Sr and Rosa (Ramirez) Adams he served with eight brothers as part of Consolidated Iron Works during early part of war; dropping out early so his family could support themselves financially while working there as well as the early part of war Consolidated Iron Works; his estimated net worth estimated to be $8 Million by his family; survived by wife Lynda; daughter Rose; two grandchildren

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