Lynne Badgley

Lynne Badgley – Mother of Actor Penn Badgley

Lynne Badgley lives with her son Penn in Indiana and has yet to share any details regarding their family with media outlets.

As a child, Badgley participated in Seattle Children’s Theatre and Pine Nut Players community theater in Monroe, Washington. To support his acting efforts and start a jewelry design business with his godmother. Rather than attend high school directly he took an aptitude test at 14 to enroll at Santa Monica College then transferred later to Lewis & Clark College in Portland Oregon.

Early Life and Education

Badgley was inspired to pursue acting after hearing of Lynne Badgley’s efforts as his mother to support his acting career and work through various jobs to support it. Lynne has served as an example to him, showing that success can be found with hard work and determination in this industry.

Badgely began his acting career at Seattle Children’s Theatre and Pine Nut Players community theater, as well as voice-over work for children’s radio stations. At age 14, he passed his high school proficiency exam and enrolled at Santa Monica College; however, due to contractual obligations this admission was delayed; later attending Lewis & Clark College in Portland Oregon for two years instead.

He made his television debut in 1997 on an episode of Will and Grace and since then has featured prominently in several shows and movies such as The Stepfather (2009), Easy A (2010) and Margin Call (2011).

Professional Career

Penn Badgley has been an actor since 1997 and is well known for his roles in various television shows and movies. With slim build and stunning green eyes as two of his trademark features, he also enjoys reading books as well as playing guitar in his free time.

Beloved actor Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl is best-known for his on-screen relationship with Blake Lively as her on-screen love interest in this CW series set on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Badgley is an advocate for environmental and social justice issues. He supported Occupy Wall Street movement as well as LGBT rights. Additionally, he is strongly in favour of gun control measures.

Achievement and Honors

Badgley began his career at 11 as a voice-over talent on children’s radio stations and then performed in Seattle children’s theater, before making an appearance on an episode of Will & Grace. Soon thereafter he landed the role of Phillip Chancellor IV on soap opera The Young and the Restless (for which he received a Young Artist Award nomination), Do Over and Bedford Diaries as well as WB series Do Over in 2006. Badgley made his film debut with John Tucker Must Die followed by Drive-Thru before and then independent drama Greetings from Tim Buckley (in 2006).

Badgley rose to fame during Gossip Girl when he and Blake Lively began dating, earning critical acclaim for his performances on-screen. Since then he has appeared in films like The Stepfather (2009), Easy A (2010), financial thriller Margin Call (2011) and independent drama The Paper Store (2016) as well as being an active member of Baha’i Faith who supports environmental and social justice causes.

Personal Life

Lynne Murphy Badgley is best known as the mother of American actor and musician Penn Badgley. As part of his support system, Lynne frequently appears at events related to Penn’s acting, music, film-producing, and producing careers.

Penn is best-known for his roles as Dan Humphrey on Gossip Girl and Joe Goldberg in Netflix thriller series You. Additionally, he serves as lead vocalist of Brooklyn-based indie band MOTHXR which released its debut studio album Centerfold in 2016.

Penn Badgley is an adherent to the Baha’i Faith and has spoken out against persecution against members of that faith in Iran. Additionally, he supports LGBT rights. Born November 1st 1986; Duff Badgley served as a newspaper reporter before running as Green Party candidate for governor of Washington in 2008 before working as a carpenter himself.

Net Worth

Lynne Badgley has been instrumental in her son’s success. Through her love and guidance, he has achieved his goals while remaining grounded. Lynne has sacrificed much for her family’s welfare.

Badgley went on to star in several more movies after Gossip Girl concluded, such as Easy A, Margin Call and Greetings from Tim Buckley. Additionally, he appeared on television shows such as The Slap and You.

His work on You has garnered critical acclaim. He earned two Teen Choice Awards nominations and a Saturn Award nod. Additionally, he performs as a musician with MOTHXR; modeling/endorsement deals provide additional income sources; real estate investments have also proven profitable investments for him.

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