Lyrica Anderson Net Worth

Lyrica Anderson Net Worth

Lyrica Anderson is an American singer who has made the transition from the recording studio to reality television. She first appeared on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood in 2016 and was back in 2017 to star in the new season. Her marriage was thrown into turmoil in season five. However, she managed to maintain a successful singing career despite the drama.


Lyrica Anderson is a singer and songwriter. She is also a television personality. She first appeared on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood in 2016 and was back in 2017. She earns money from her career as a singer and from brand endorsements. As of 2019, her net worth is estimated to be $1 million. However, she hasn’t revealed the exact figures of her earnings.

Lyrica Anderson is a talented singer-songwriter who has a net worth of $10 million. She has a career in music that spans over a decade. She has also written songs for artists like Beyonce and Missy Elliot. She first became popular with her song “Pyramid” from Charice, which reached the number one position in the US Dance Club Songs chart.

Lyrica Anderson is married to Floyd “A1” Bentley. The two were married on the third season of the show. Despite the rumors, Lyrica Anderson and her husband welcomed their first child together in December of last year. She also has a 1.4 million Instagram following. She earns $1,000 to $5,000 for every post. She also endorses numerous cosmetics products.

Lyrica Anderson’s parents are both musicians. She began writing songs at an early age and co-wrote Pyramid for Charice. The song was a hit, reaching #1 on the US dance and club songs chart in 2010. Lyrica Anderson also has writing credits in Demi Lovato’s Unbroken album. During her childhood, her mother encouraged her to pursue music.


Lyrica Anderson has a new song out called “Car,” which is a spin on a song from her EP “Hello.” It features a female mechanic and is set in a mechanic shop. In the video, Anderson shows off her dance moves, and the song is set in the background of a car mechanic’s shop. Lyrica’s mother is furious and decides to file a police report against A1 to get her daughter back. Eventually, the two of them agree to return the cars to their respective owners.

Lyrica Anderson’s car was a hit in the ’90s. It has been the subject of a lot of rumors. Fans have said that it’s the best car in the world. In fact, Lyrica Anderson’s car has a ‘car sound’, which is why many people have loved it. Besides, the car is a beautiful, colorful vehicle.

Lyrica Anderson is a talented singer and songwriter from California. She was a member of the cast of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood three seasons ago. While being on the show has provided Anderson with the opportunities to reach a new level of stardom, it has also come with its fair share of challenges. Despite her popularity on reality television, Anderson has always prioritized her solo career.


The singer has been making headlines since her debut on the hit VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. She has written songs for big name artists like Beyonce, Demi Lovato, Tinashe, Jennifer Hudson and more. Her fan base has grown to over 1.7 million. She is also the proud mother of one-year-old Ocean Zion Bentley.

While the songwriting expertise of Anderson has allowed her to write hits for other artists, she has also been working on her solo career. Lyrica’s latest single, “Don’t Take It Personal,” shows that she’s more than a daytime extra. The lyrics are simple and relatable, but they’re also honest about the things that make us vulnerable.

Lyrica Anderson’s musical journey began at a young age, with a passion for writing songs. At only fifteen years old, she began writing and performing songs, and soon she was selling them to big names in the industry. Her songs have been featured on the songs of Chris Brown, Beyonce and Demi Lovato, and she has even landed backing vocals for Jennifer Lopez.

Lyrica Anderson has been making music for years and recently released her fourth studio album, “Bad Hair Day.” She has worked with superstars such as Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, and Beyonce. Her talent has proven itself throughout the years, and her latest album is no exception. Lyrica’s new album has several heartwarming tracks, which are sure to make her fans feel good.

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