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A Review of Grizzly Machinist Jacks

Screw jacks provide an economical and effective solution when lifting, lowering, pushing or pulling loads in place.

Bevel gear and ball screw jacks are other types of machine/worm gear screw jacks available, which offer greater efficiency and flexibility at a slightly higher cost than their counterparts.

Early Life and Education

Jack graduated with honors from Big Walnut High School, graduating in 1977. Following his graduation he pursued two years of machinist training before finding work as a machinist for several decades prior to retiring in 2006. When not working he enjoyed hunting, fishing and cooking as well as memberships at Bucyrus Moose Lodge and AMVETS; additionally he held membership within Nimrod Coffee Klatch as a lifelong member.

As a machinist, your day starts by checking in with your supervisor and reviewing production orders and specifications, inspecting tools and equipment and beginning the machining, fabrication and welding processes. After each process has been completed, quality checks should be conducted before commencing another project; you may work overtime as necessary. Many machinists utilize temporary employment agencies as a stepping-stone into permanent positions.

Professional Career

Screw jacks (also referred to as leadscrews or screw actuators) are devices designed to push, pull, tension, lock, pivot, tilt, roll and lift loads that range from several kilograms up to thousands of tonnes. They typically employ electromechanical actuators that use gearbox assemblies (worm or bevel gears) and transmission products such as leadscrews or ball screws for linear motion conversion; typically found in automated machinery due to health and safety considerations that prevent hydraulic actuation from being the solution of choice.

This four-piece set from Grizzly features a heavy cast steel jack suitable for levelling workpieces made of wood or metal and supporting odd shapes or odd sizes. Featuring an adjustable screw and tilting swivel head, this product can easily be used with drill presses, milling machines, lathes or planers where levelling may be necessary.

Achievement and Honors

Jack hails from an entrepreneurial family and has worked hard to provide himself and his mother with a comfortable living. For three years at Acme Machine Inc. he worked as a machinist where his relationship with his manager was strong.

Machinist Jacks are an inexpensive project you can complete in your home workshop with only basic techniques. All that’s required are one inch lengths of 3/4-in hexagonal or round steel rod, a screw, and jam nuts; alternatively the project could also use lathe, chuck, tailstock drill chuck center drill tap and lathe cutting bit tools to complete.

Jack screws, also known as machinist jacks, are used to level and position machinery or workpieces on benches or tables. Their locking rings secure them into position.

Personal Life

A machinist jack is used to support unevenly shaped wood or metal workpieces on a machine, and to support workpieces too large for vises. There are various kinds of machinist jacks on the market; this particular four-piece set from Grizzly comes with a one-year parts warranty and is assembled here in America.

This leveling tool is an indispensable asset. Perfect for use with drill presses, milling machines and planers as well as any place that requires leveling, it features an adjustable screw and swivel head with an adjustment range from 3″-4″ and lifting capacity of approximately 1000 lbs.

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