Mark Brownstein

Mark Brownstein has long been an advocate for seniors and their families, providing objective educational support to assist in finding customized Medicare solutions that best suit their individual needs.

Mark oversees EDF’s Energy Transition work, shaping their strategies to accelerate decarbonization in major emitting sectors towards a net zero future. Additionally, he is an expert on methane mitigation.

Early Life and Education

Mark Brownstein hails from southern California where his family was heavily involved in the local food business – something which Mark himself pursued later as an independent consultant for decades.

As an attorney, Mark assisted in passing legislation that strengthened DUI laws, prohibited unwanted telemarketing calls, and established child abuse reporting guidelines. Furthermore, Mark provided advice as tax counsel for the Senate Finance Committee under Chairman Chuck Grassley regarding all aspects of federal income, retirement and pension policy.

He currently holds the role of senior vice president for energy transition at Environmental Defense Fund and shapes their strategies to accelerate global oil and gas emission decarbonization on an efficient path towards zero carbon future. Additionally, he serves on the governance board of Coalition on Environment and Jewish Life.

Professional Career

Mark Brownstein serves as EDF’s global Energy Program Leader, devising strategies to reduce oil and gas emissions consistent with a zero carbon future. He co-authored the Carbon Principles and has expertise in utility issues related to electric grid development, wholesale/retail market design/rate reform/power plant siting/investment.

Mark is a licensed Medicare professional serving 20 states, providing comprehensive and competitive Medicare solutions to individuals, attorneys, medical offices, pharmacies, tax and financial professionals and tax and financial professionals. Additionally, he hosts educational workshops, lunch-and-learns and webinars tailored specifically for his clients and the broader network of trusted advisors.

Mark strategically partners with professionals serving similar client bases as his own and offers them free seminars on topics relevant to their customers or employees. This approach creates a list of attendees whom Mark can follow up on and nurture into leads for his business.

Achievement and Honors

Lara Day of Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck was honored to receive the Mark F. Leonard Award, presented annually to an employee who best exemplifies our core values of All In, Excellence, Respect and Giving Back. Lara was nominated by multiple members of her team and presented her award at a townhall meeting.

According to her award submission, she has played an essential part in driving the agency’s culture initiative by arriving early and staying late while jumping in whenever needed and showing a positive attitude and respect for other’s viewpoints.

She has a keen passion for helping others and according to her online biography has assisted clients with complex government matters such as health care costs and taxes. In addition, she has served on leadership teams of numerous campaigns addressing such matters as tax reform.

Personal Life

Marc is an enthusiastic music enthusiast and is part of Philadelphia-based quartet The Disco Biscuits, known for blending electronic rock with improvisational jazz music and having performed at major venues including Tweeter Center Camden NJ and Hammerstein Ballroom New York City.

Marc has led high-profile public advocacy campaigns both on Capitol Hill and at PSEG, helping steer legislative and regulatory proceedings on topics ranging from education policy to energy planning.

Offstage, Brownstein appears cute with her chin-length hair and wide mouth; onstage she channels Iggy Pop’s primal grandeur. Brownstein’s characters on Portlandia look as though they borrowed clothes from friends’ closets; Amanda Needham won an Emmy last year for her work as costume designer.

Net Worth

Brownstein, who assists brands to develop their messaging strategy, also maintains an extensive philanthropic commitment and serves on various charitable boards. Furthermore, she engages in many hobbies and interests that provide both recreation and fresh perspectives on life.

Mark offers clients insights into what drives local, state and federal policymakers’ thinking; then creates messaging that appeals to these officials. Furthermore, as a member of the House Budget Committee he witnessed first-hand all of the dysfunction leading up to this fall’s federal budget impasse.

Mark Pryor recently made headlines when he announced his decision to join Washington-based law firm Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck as a partner of its Government Relations Practice Group, leading its State Attorney General and Congressional Investigations teams as well as its federal Government Relations practice.

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