Markbass New York 151 Bass Speaker Cabinet

MarkBass New York 151 Bass Speaker Cabinet Review

If you are looking for an affordable, quality bass speaker cabinet, you can’t go past the NEW YORK 151 cabinet. This product has all of the quality assurance and testing that goes into every other product from MarkBass. The cabinet is a compact, 46,4 x 18,9 cm rectangle that houses a 15-inch bass driver and a piezo tweeter.

The compact, lightweight cabinet makes for easy portability. The New York 151 is just the right size for a band on the go and it boasts a powerful 400W output. Whether you are a beginning bassist or a professional, the 151 is sure to deliver big bass sound with ease.

This cab is one of the youngest members of the Mark Bass New York Series, but it also offers the best value for money. Its compact size makes it the ideal extension cabinet for a Jeff Berlin Combo and its wide frequency range makes it a great choice for gigging bassists.

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