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Martha Hyer Net Worth, Salary, Cars & Lifestyle Details are as follow. Martha Hyer is an American Movie Actress.

She was born in Fort Worth, Texas on 10 August 1924.

Hyer was educated at Northwestern University and studied acting at Pasadena Playhouse before landing an agent contract at RKO Studios. Her film roles as Frank Sinatra’s love interest in Some Came Running won her an Academy Award nomination, and later married producer Hal Wallis in 1966.

Early Life and Education

Martha Hyer was born in Fort Worth, Texas on August 10, 1924 and studied drama at Northwestern University and Pasadena Playhouse before moving to Hollywood and signing a contract with RKO. Although initially most of her movies consisted of westerns or noir thrillers, Martha soon proved herself capable as an actress with some range.

She earned an Academy Award nomination for her performance in Some Came Running and has starred in countless films featuring Frank Sinatra. Additionally, in 1966 she married producer Hal Wallis.

Hyer lived an extravagant lifestyle and often appeared posing for film fan magazines with cheesecake poses. Unfortunately, her spending led her into debt with loan sharks; as a result of this experience, in 1990 she published Finding My Way: A Hollywood Memoir as her first-person memoir.

Professional Career

Hyer began her acting career by appearing in uncredited bit roles in B-movies. Later she appeared on Rawhide before making an impactful impression in 1950s dramas such as The Best of Everything, Ice Palace and Francis in the Navy.

Hyer first gained fame through her role as Sabrina in Billy Wilder’s Sabrina (1954), playing Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn’s fiancee; Hyer was nominated for an Academy Award.

Hyer was considered for the part of Marion Crane in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, though she ultimately lost out to Janet Leigh. Later in the late 1960s she took on villainous roles such as those seen in films like Bikini Beach and Pyro; soon after marrying producer Hal Wallis she converted to Judaism, his religion. Hyer died January 15, 2024 at 89.

Achievement and Honors

Martha Hyer was an immensely popular actress during her time. She shared screen space with stars like Humphrey Bogart and Dean Martin; born in Fort Worth, Texas and studying theater at Northwestern University; after brief stints on stage she found success as an actress with roles in 1946 film noir The Locket and more substantial parts in Down Three Dark Streets Showdown at Abilene Francis in the Navy Houseboat.

Hyer is perhaps best-known for her role as Gwen French in Vincente Minnelli’s adaptation of James Jones’ novel Some Came Running (1958). Hyer was widely acclaimed for her portrayal as she charmed Frank Sinatra’s Army veteran character with her charms as Gwen French from small-town school. After appearing in film and TV (Four Star Playhouse and Western Rawhide respectively), Hyer published an autobiography entitled Finding My Way: A Hollywood Memoir (1990).

Personal Life

Martha Hyer was an actress renowned for both her beauty and sexual allure. Starting out in small and uncredited roles before slowly progressing up the ranks. Martha made several westerns as an uncredited female lead before appearing on television programs as well.

In 1958 she found fame for her performance in Some Came Running as an emotionally reserved schoolteacher who finds love with Frank Sinatra’s character; for which she received an Oscar nomination.

Hyer was often compared to Grace Kelly for her elegant beauty, although she lost out to Janet Leigh for the lead role in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960). Hyer made some additional films during this era but her popularity gradually declined as she married producer Hal Wallis and converted to Judaism; eventually passing away peacefully at home in Santa Fe New Mexico on May 31 at age 89.

Net Worth

Martha Hyer died May 31 at her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico at 89.

Born August 10, 1924, Hyer attended Northwestern University before making her film debut in 1946. Since then she has played various supporting roles in Westerns and noir thrillers before landing the lead in Vincente Minnelli’s 1958 drama Some Came Running; for which Hyer received an Academy Award nomination.

Hyer later made several television appearances and European and American B films, appearing regularly as Hannah Haley on Rawhide with John Wayne and Dean Martin as co-stars. Hyer later married producer Hal Wallis; the couple shared one son.

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