Matt Mochary Net Worth

Matt Mochary serves as an executive coach to high-growth Silicon Valley companies such as Coinbase and Opendoor, using his experience as both an entrepreneur and private equity investor to provide lessons from his entrepreneurial experience. Through meditation for stress relief and “energy audits”, Matt helps these founders determine which tasks drain them of energy that should be outsourced or delegated to others.

Early Life and Education

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Matt Mochary is a CEO Coach who consults for companies like Coinbase, Opendoor and Bolt. In 2005 he co-founded Totality Corporation which was purchased by MCI Inc.

Mochary also serves as a director and investor with Spectrum Equity Investors, in addition to his consulting work. Furthermore, through Mochary Films he has directed and produced several feature-length films such as Favela Rising which won 36 international film festival awards.

Professional Career

Matt Mochary makes his living by offering CEO coaching to founders of high-profile tech startups such as Coinbase, Opendoor, and Reddit. His approach combines business lessons gained as an entrepreneur and private equity investor – such as how to negotiate compensation with boards – with spiritual practices such as meditation for stress release and “energy audits” designed to identify tasks draining his clients’ energy that should be delegated out.

Recently, he counseled executives without charging a fee, which caused some coaching rivals to criticize his approach. Since then, however, he now charges a fee and has an ever-growing waiting list of executives interested in seeking advice from him.

Alexis d’Amecourt, Head of Coaching at Mochary Method reveals the impact his coaching has had on leaders of fast-growing tech companies in this exclusive interview with him. Additionally, he discusses some of the toughest decisions that have had to be made as CEO.

Achievement and Honors

Matt Mochary is an esteemed businessperson estimated to have an estimated net worth between $1 and $4 Million dollars. Additionally, Matt is also a film producer/director and produced two feature-length films including Favela Rising which won 36 international film festival awards. Additionally, Matt founded an organization dedicated to teaching hardened criminals how to get and keep employment.

Matt was previously co-founder and chairman of Totality Corporation, an outsourced provider of Internet Application Maintenance services acquired by MCI Inc in 2005. Since then he has become a consultant on startups such as Coinbase, Bolt, and Opendoor as a CEO coach; often providing free advice that has caused some other coaches to object.

Personal Life

Matthew Mochary is an American businessman and investor who serves as CEO Coach to several notable firms such as Coinbase, Opendoor, Bolt and Clearbit. Additionally, he directed and produced two feature-length documentaries such as Favela Rising which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival on April 24, 2005.

In 1999, he co-founded Totality Corporation as MimEcom, providing services for e-commerce websites. Receiving $100 million second round funding at that time, Totality Corporation eventually was purchased by MCI Inc, who were later bought out by Verizon Communications.

He currently focuses his attention on coaching and investing activities, with an estimated net worth between $1-$4 Million. Located in New Jersey with his wife and their son.

Net Worth

Matt Mochary not only coaches businesses but he also makes money through the Mochary Method curriculum, a series of videos designed to teach entrepreneurs and CEOs leadership skills. Furthermore, through Mochary Films production company he has directed two feature-length documentaries.

Mochary isn’t a shrink, yet some executives who have sought his counsel report engaging him in emotional discussions regarding fear and shame. Additionally, he offers practical suggestions such as mandating biweekly written feedback between managers and subordinates.

In July 1999, he co-founded Totality Corporation (now part of Verizon) with Michael Carrier and former MimEcom (later MimEcommerce). MCI Inc. bought them out in 2005; then later Verizon took control.

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