Mattie Lynn Breaux Net Worth

Mattie Lynn Breaux, 29, is a Reality Star who has amassed quite a fortune through her profession. Her main source of income comes from Reality shows in Los Angeles.

She enjoys an impressive following on social media platforms and this has led to lucrative brand endorsement deals that have increased her net worth significantly.

Early Life and Education

Mattie Lynn Breaux was born May 6, 1990 in New Orleans and rose to prominence through her appearances on Party Down South.

Meggie Breaux is her mother Janene Breaux’s and Dean Patrick Breaux’s daughter and she has one sister named Meggie.

Her father worked as an oil rig worker while her mother was a stay-at-home mother with part-time bartending duties.

She is an excellent dancer with an infectious laugh who enjoys making people around her smile. In her free time she enjoys spending it at home with family and friends; Instagram followers know her well for posting photos from her lifestyle as she travels through life.

Professional Career

Mattie Lynn Breaux has quickly established herself as an esteemed reality show star. She has appeared on various programs like CMT’s Party Down South and the Challenge as well as serving as both model and bartender.

She has become well-known for her humorous personality and has amassed an extensive social media following, leading to an ever-expanding net worth.

Mattie Lynn Breaux has enjoyed tremendous professional success, but still prioritizes her personal life. She enjoys living in Taylor TX with Drek Neace whom she has been in a long-term relationship with since 2016. They regularly host fitness photoshoots and nude photos on social media; in addition, Mattie frequently endorses products on her Instagram page.

Achievement and Honors

Mattie Lynn Breaux has found great success since appearing on Party Down South reality series. Prior to appearing on this show, the reality star was struggling to gain traction as a model; her success on Party Down South changed all that.

SallyAnn Salsano of Jersey Shore and 495 Productions collaborated on creating this show about an ensemble of women who constantly party and get into trouble together.

She is known to keep her fans laughing with her engaging humor, yet prefers keeping her personal life private by not disclosing details about any relationships that might form part of it. Although not married or have any children yet, Jeremiah Buoni from Floribama Shore is currently her partner in life.

Personal Life

Mattie Lynn Breaux is a model and reality star who first came into prominence after appearing on Party Down South. With an enormous following on social media and inspiring many young girls around her, Mattie Lynn Breaux serves as an inspiring figure for many young ladies.

Tv personality Jenni Kayne has successfully ventured into various other endeavors and achieved great success across them all. Additionally, she is a dedicated philanthropist and advocates for mental health awareness.

She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her mother Janene and sister Meggie.

Mattie is currently unattached romantically and enjoys playing sports while staying active to stay fit. She strongly supports LGBTQ rights as well as travel – and absolutely adores her four-legged companions!

Net Worth

Mattie Lynn Breaux has demonstrated both determination and talent in order to attain success, from her appearances on reality shows, brand endorsements and social media influence. These avenues have all contributed significantly to her earnings.

Born May 6, 1990 in Gheens, Louisiana to parents that both passed away when she was at school, Meggie is her sister.

Mattie has an impeccable sense of fashion, making her very appealing to many people. She is well-known and has amassed many followers.

She is best known as one of the stars from Party Down South reality show and her popularity on this reality show has become global. Often referred to as Party Down South’s JWoww, she currently holds an estimated net worth of approximately $5 Million and remains single.

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