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Maura Bledsoe Net Worth

Maura Bledsoe is an American businesswoman married to Drew Bledsoe. Together they own and manage Doubleback Winery in Walla Walla, Oregon where they reside.

She and her husband are actively involved in philanthropy. She has four children and lives in Bend, Oregon; however, details such as her date of birth or personal details are not public information.

Early Life and Education

Maura Bledsoe was born in the United States and holds American nationality. Unfortunately, no information regarding her early life or education is currently available, nor any details regarding her parents and siblings – something Maura prefers to keep private and out of public eye.

Drew Bledsoe was an NFL star himself; they tied the knot in 1996 in a private ceremony. Since then, they have welcomed four children – sons Stuart McQueen Bledsoe and John Bledsoe along with daughter Healy Bledsoe – into their family unit.

Maura and her husband own Doubleback Winery in Walla Walla, Washington – an establishment renowned for its cabernet sauvignon. Additionally, they run another brand, Bledsoe Family Winery, that offers more experimental vintages at lower price points.

Professional Career

After three seasons at Washington State, Bledsoe was chosen first overall in the 1993 NFL Draft by New England Patriots and went on to have an 14-year career that also included time with Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys.

His athleticism, awareness and tackling abilities have enabled him to thrive as a safety. Additionally, his versatility has allowed him to excel in various settings.

The couple have four children together: two sons named Stuart and John and a daughter named Healy. They live in Bend, Oregon where the couple runs a winery business which has experienced significant growth over time and contributed significantly to their net worth. Additionally, Maura has taken part in numerous charitable events and benefits.

Achievement and Honors

Drew Bledsoe was one of the greatest American Football quarterbacks ever. During 14 seasons in the NFL he amassed over 44,000 yards passing and 260 touchdowns; his efforts earned him inductions into three halls of fame: WSU Athletics Hall of Fame, New England Patriots’ Ring of Honor and State of Washington Sports Hall of Fame.

After retiring, he relocated to Bend, Oregon with his wife Maura and four children – including Stuart McQueen Bledsoe, John McQueen Bledsoe, Healy Bledsoe.

Maura is an amazing wife who supports her husband in every way possible. She is active on Twitter and Instagram but does not talk much about her family or parents in public settings or before the cameras.

Personal Life

Maura Bledsoe is an example of faithfulness within marriage, being true to her partner from day one and setting an ideal model of long-lasting unions for others to emulate. She serves as an invaluable role model and example to other couples aspiring for long-lasting unions.

Family Access Network organization which offers food and shelter to families without basic amenities is something she and her husband, Stuart John Henry Healy are both involved with.

Bledsoe owns and runs Doubleback Winery in Walla Walla, Washington with her husband. This winery specializes in cabernet sauvignon wines and they now make a living off it thanks to its success – helping build up their net worth substantially along the way.

Net Worth

Maura Bledsoe prefers keeping her personal life out of the spotlight and thus hasn’t divulged the exact figure of her net worth just yet, however it is believed she could be earning a substantial remuneration from her wine business.

Drew Bledsoe has amassed an estimated fortune as an NFL player, estimated at roughly $48 Million.

The couple have four children together: three sons and a daughter named Stuart McQueen Bledsoe, John Bledsoe and Healy Bledsoe – who all received football training from their father Drew. The family currently resides in Bend Oregon where they own Doubleback Winery named after their hometown Walla Walla Maura has been involved with this venture for several years with her husband Drew.

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